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The Team.

We began our ghost investigations in 2004, after watching a new series of ghost investigators on television Most Haunted in 2002, this is when we got the bug.

We went out and bought the same equipment they were using at that time, namely being an Infra red video camera and infra red spot light an EMF meter and a laser digital thermometer (all of which, we still use to this day), in our search for scientific proof of ghost activity the supernatural and paranormal activity.

​We have investigated places for our own curiosity at first, our very first investigation was at Tutbury Castle as rank amateur's, but gaining experience all the time, and now as semi professionals, it wasn't until 2014 that we started publishing our findings, after getting lots of interest from people viewing our video's and audio evidence, we decided to take our investigations to the next level, and promote us as a team on social media and create our own website to showcase our evidence.

​The locations we have investigated so far have been of interest to us, as well documented by other paranormal groups. The reason for this is that most of the research and history of each location has already been done for us, (saving us time), and we can corroborate our evidence with that of others and it also ensures that our equipment is proven in the field.

​We have a few secret investigation sites that we know have not been investigated before, and knowing our equipment is proven will let us know if these secret locations have any paranormal activity in them.

​As technology has moved on with better ghost/paranormal detection equipment available, so have we. Helping us provide the best evidence, to you, using scientific equipment to prove the existence of the paranormal.

(See our equipment page)                            ).            

​All of the evidence we present to you is the actual real-time footage we capture, nothing has been tampered with, or set up, if we don't catch any actual evidence, we still show it, we don't make our own up, its not what we do, there is no point or need to falsify evidence.

​We now have an arsenal of ghost hunting equipment, to help enable us to get the proof of the paranormal and share our investigations with you.

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is "How much do we charge to do a private investigation"?, the answer is nothing, we do not charge for UK investigationsH

We will investigate your property or land for free, document any evidence and show this to you.

We can then advise you in how you can go forward with your haunting, or put you at ease if we find nothing.

You can send us your pictures of spirit captures, your ghost story. we can help validate your pictures or help o explain, investigate your story, or just be that friend you can tell that story too so you feel you are not going mad.

We can guarantee you aren't the only other person in the world going through this.

Drop us an email at:  or use our contact page. You can also message us on facebook.

We really do look forward to hearing from you.