Ghost Investigation


Private paranormal Investigators

Not everything in life is always as it seems.

The following pages will highlight how you can be fooled and duped into thinking what is there, really isn't.

cheat's and charlatan's

Read the other pages on this chapter of Charlatan's and Cheat's, for other types of cheatery and the unscrumpulous practices and individuals that used to dupe people in the past, unfortunately it still goes on today.

I presume you have all heard of the HUD (Heads Up Display) that is used in aircraft and now being introduced in to our cars.

Well this trick was first used to make a ghost appear on stage next to an actor.

I'm sure you've heard of the phrase....


A sheet of glass is hung across the front of the stage so that the image of an actor standing in the orchestra pit appears to float on stage.

First shown at the Royal Polytechnic Institution in London by J.H.Pepper on Christmas Eve, 1862.

Following many subsequent events, Charles Dickens used it during readings of The Haunted Man.

Several plays were written specially to use the effect around 1863, but the long-term future of the effect was limited by the fact that the ghost couldn't speak.

Pepper's Ghost is now used to great effect in smaller scale applications like the Haunted Mansion in Disney theme parks.

A more modern take of pepper's ghost was used in 2012 for making a hologram of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Music Festival, which had people wondering about what might be next in concert possibilities......

.....and us wondering what, when or if unscrupulous actors in our proffession will employ devious tactics in comjuring up false entities and trying to pass them of as real, only time will tell.