the "spirit portal"

With so many App's on the market at the moment we feel that many are only providing false positives when using these app's on a tablet or iPad on your investigations. When you are using these App's on an investigation using just an iPad or tablet how is the spirit communicating with you? as many of these are using pre-recorded sounds/words/phrases to make the back ground noise, when you are asking out, its only a matter of time a sound is heard that you feel is a direct response to a question you have just asked? A false positive? We have run a few app's as experiments, and we can sit through and listen and hear the same app response word each and every time we listen to it


We are going to take a look at a few of the popular ones and review them, we have seen the paratek being used by those royster toysters on "Ghost Chasers" UKTV Really Channel, and the original App used by trickster Steve "Now I'm a Porn Star" Huff, the Portal App, and a new one I found called the "Banshee Box" although it isn't a box its an app on my iPad, but lets not split hairs.

Ghost Hunting events groups are going to be unhappy with us for creating this page, they love these apps, they add to the atmosphere in the room they are being used in for a spirit app session, as you are guaranteed a response from the pre-recorded words installed in these app's, and thus entertain there fee paying clients, whom after parting with there hard earned cash want results from there supposedly haunted location they are at!

We will also review two app's that provide just white noise which you can use in conjunction with an external speaker to amplify the sound so spirit can use the noise to communicate with us, no jiggery pokery with these, they just make a continuous noise, no included hidden voice noises like you find in the Banshee, paratek and portal apps..

The build above uses effects pedals that can be used with batteries making it fully portable, or on mains supply. The build to the right uses effects pedals that require an external power source.

The copper coil spring on top is attached via the patch leads between the effects pedals, apparently according to Huff this acts as an Ariel for the  spirit's to use for there voice to be heard through the spirit app.

A lot of investigators are using these app's through there iPad or tablet alone?, bypassing using the app's through the "Spirit portal" which is not what these app's were designed for, so you cannot use this as proof or evidence of spirit voices,(EVER).

On a Ghost hunting event, it must sound the business to the paying public attending a spirit portal app session, a lot of people will decorate these portal amplifier to disguise what they really are, perhaps to make them look more credible, normally repainted, and added clear fairy lights under the speaker grill, makes them look the part but not do anything else.

The "Portal app"

white noise app's

Definition of waveform. : A usually graphic representation of the shape of a wave that indicates its characteristics (such as frequency and amplitude) — called also wave shape. It can be both sinusoidal as well as square shaped,...

The most familiar AC waveform is the sine wave, which derives its name from the fact that the current or voltage varies with the sine of the elapsed time.
In electronics, an oscilloscope can be used to visualize a waveform on a screen.

The article on the Ganzfeld Experiment is for information purposes only, if you complete the experiment for yourself and have severe side affects you do so at your own risk, we will not entertain any liability  or admit liability for your stupidity.

White noise is also used in ITC communications. Some paranormal investigators like to use white noise on a screen with the assumption that spirits can visually manifest through the white noise.
It is a similar technique to Video ITC where you use a continuous loop on your screen, but in this case you would use white noise. 
Think the movie White Noise starring Michael Keaton?

The most common way that white noise is used in the field today, is through specialist equipment like the SB7/SB11 spirit box.

The spirit box is essentially a broken radio that scans through the radio stations at a fast rate. You only get a small snippet of a word if any at all. You are left with a rather loud and annoying form of white noise. Again the theory here is that spirits can use this to come through. 
The paranormal investigative community use this method now as the standard form of communication with spirit. 

This is just a basic overview of white noise and how you can use it in your investigations.

Do you use white noise? How do you use it? Does it work for you? Give us your feelings and reviews on the App's you use, good or bad.

Let us know at GITUK.  email us at  We love hearing from you.

This app has been used to provide evidence by the "Ghost Chasers" as seen on the Really channel from UKTV.

The app boasts that it is A.I (Artificial Intelligence) speech.

I beg to differ, I think it insults your intelligence if for one moment they think they can fool you in to thinking that the words appearing are from spirit.

The words come directly from a word bank installed into the app, it says it predicts from the device readings but in reality the words just and appear randomly, the user can increase or decrease the speed rate for the words to appear, too fast and the words appearing don't seem credible, too slow and you will bore your audience at a ghost hunt, so you can have a steady stream of words, and just hope that a few match the answer to the questions you ask.

This even with the emf meter, that utilises the hardware on your tablet device should not be used for providing evidence  whilst being used on a paranormal investigation.

Any app that provides a pure tone unadulterated noises, like white noise can be used. There are no hidden noises/voices/words/phrases.

When used in conjunction with equipment like the "Spirit Portal", you will be able to channel the sound as a carrier wave on which spirit can converse back to us when we conduct a spirit portal séance.

What is "White Noise"?

In signal processing, white noise is a random signal having equal intensity at different frequencies, giving it a constant power spectral density.

There are a few different theories in the paranormal community with white noise.  Most of these revolve around EVP and ITC.

Some paranormal investigators will play white noise during an EVP session as they believe it helps the spirits to communicate.

As white noise is made up of different frequencies, paranormal investigators believe that the spirits can manipulate and use this to talk to us.

The pitfall to this is trying to eliminate the sound of the white noise when reviewing your EVP'S.

Some paranormal investigators believe that the EVP’s themselves are embedded in the white noise and with enough enhancement, you can find an EVP.

GITUK personally don’t work this way because I don’t believe we should really be editing/enhancing our sound files – especially to the point that you would have to do extensive work like removing the background. It is likely by this point you would just be getting random sounds and audio Paredoila would make it seem like you have a voice, you also run the risk of being labelled a manipulator, and your evidence would therefore not be credible and could not be relied on.

Simply put, if you are going to get an EVP, you would want to focus on achieving a class A EVP (one that does not require enhancing, is already clearly audible and understandable).

Other people use white noise to help them listen for EVP’s when reviewing evidence. By playing white noise while you are reviewing your EVP, you can cut out all background interference and it may help you to focus better.

The Ganzfield Experiment.

A Ganzfeld experiment (from the German for “entire field”) is a technique used in parapsychology which is used to test individuals for extrasensory perception (ESP). The ganzfeld experiments are among the most recent in parapsychology for testing telepathy.

White Noise is also used for the Ganzfield experiment. This is a sensory deprivation technique. By essentially drowning out all background sound with white noise and covering the eyes with a red light shone at you, some believe that it can open you up to having a paranormal experience.

If you plug your tablet into and use the app through the "Spirit Portal" build, it sounds even better, turn up the sound, increase the echo wait for the random generated words/phrases/noises to kick in and "Ta Da" you have your ghost, and a creepy scary atmosphere.

So now once again, events teams have another app that they could use and can create that spooky atmosphere required when duping there fee paying guests into thinking they are actually conversing with spirit.

Can you see a pattern starting to emerge here with these App's????

Now lets clarify something from the start! the "Spirit Portal" is just an amplifier, that utilises two guitar effects pedals, mainly an "Echo", and "Noise Reduction" effect pedals.

This is our Spirit Portal build. Notice we haven't decorated it with unnecessary twinkly battery operated LED fairy lights, or age painted it so it looks the part, it's a tool not an ornament???

We only ever use it with the SB7 and the effects pedals are used to reduce background noise and increase the clarity of the spirit voice whilst reducing the background white noise from the radio frequency sweep.

Because we use the SB7 any response is at random and free speech is heard, there are no pre-recorded voices to influence the spirit box session from a pre-generated word/phrase/noise that you can hear in the app's..

When played through the Spirit Portal amplifier it sounds pretty cool and you can see why ghost hunting events teams use them on there events nights.

They look the part, sound the part but unfortunately do not work, but sound as if they do, especially when an experienced user is at the control of the electronic séance.

The spirit portal amplifier works perfectly well with the SB7.......... BUT.... not with any app.

the "banshee" app

app's that you could use.

the "wave-form generator" app

The "Waveform Generator" app allows the user to choose the wave form and how slow or fast you want to operate at. The app allows you to generate a pure noise at your chosen frequency (Low or High) in the wave form you have selected, there are no pre-recorded Voices/Phrases/Noises, just pure tone.

We use these generated wave form noise frequencies to channel an energy that helps enable spirit to communicate, or as a way to charge the energy of a room you wish to investigate, we sometimes use crystals and stones during EVP, and Spirit Box sessions utilising "Infra-Sound".

"Infra-sound", sometimes referred to as low-frequency sound, is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz or cycles per second, the "normal" limit of human hearing.

Hearing becomes gradually less sensitive as frequency decreases, so for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high.

Always be careful with your team when using Infra-sound as they could be harmful to you health.

Infrasound can also be manmade, and it can have some seriously weird effects on the human body. ... It's also not uncommon for people to experience nausea when exposed to infrasound, which is funny when you realise the word “noise” is derived from the Latin word “nausea.”

The most frequently asked question using Infra-Sound is... “Can infrasonic waves kill you?”

The answer to this question is yes, but don't worry because not all frequencies of infrasound can really hurt you.

This lethal frequency lies in 7 Hz. ... This match of frequencies can cause serious damage to your body or even death.

Most studies reported some effects attributed to infrasound exposure, though many studies also reported no observable effects.

Among the more consistent findings in humans were changes in blood pressure, respiratory rate, and balance.

That would explain some of the symptoms investigators feel when at a location and you feel the effects of spirit on you body, and by leaving the room these effects quickly ware off.

What is infra-sound used for in normal life?

Infrasound is detected using a microphone.

Infrasound has many uses.

Many animals can hear infrasound, however, like whales, elephants, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, alligators, squid/cuttlefish/octopi, and even pigeons. animals that can produce and hear infra-sound..i.e. below 20 Hz frequency are called infrasonic animals… ... Infrasound can also be used to detect volcanic eruptions.

We have written an article explaining how Infra Sound can be man made as well as paranormal.

I'm not sure when this app was built, but I'm guessing it was after the GAC Leap Castle & The Hell-Fire Club Series 10 episode 9 in 2015, where tales of a Banshee were told, and with so many other app's available the makers are starting to run out of catchy spooky names for there app's.

So here we have the "BANSHEE" provided by Paranormal Shadows UK.

In this review it basically works exactly the same as the Paratek AI and the Portal app's. just a different skin and button layout, basically all these app builders are making the same app, as I like to call it, re-inventing the wheel.

The only one good thing about all of these app's we are reviewing, is that they are all free, and a good job too.

Again just another group trying to make a name for itself, by creating something they want you to have with there name on it, that you don't actually need or want to be seen dead with using it as an evidence collector on your investigation.

The "paratek ai" app

We are starting with "The Portal" app, as this was the first one we came across as it was used in conjunction with the American faker Steve Huff "Spirit Portal" amplifier. (Just google him and you will see how he used to operate).

He plugged this into the guitar effect pedals plugged in series to the amplifier that echoed the eerier and already echoed sounds that the "PORTAL" plays on a looped recording of eerie reversed vocals of men and women.

We have used this to try, and works to some degree, but when you use over and over, you can learn the next voice coming and know what's going to be said before it is said.