You have the basics covered, now its time to upgrade you to some serious ghost investigating kit.

There are lots of great pieces of kit out there to buy, and some not so great pieces of kit, and lots of useless App's that couldn't catch a cold let alone a ghost or spirit, yet will take your money off you without a chance of getting your hard-earned cash back.

Here we look at hardware, that we feel is legit, we are not going to endorse any App's for ghost hunting, We haven't found one (EVER) that does what it is claimed to do, so in our eyes are useless and any self-respecting team would not use as part of there paranormal detection portfolio of equipment.

We have an article on "ghost apps" here.

We are not going to put pictures of Laptops and iPad/tablets as there are lots to choose from,  in various specifications,  just buy the best you can afford or want, you will need at least 1 x Laptop, and possibly 2 x iPads/tablets depending on the equipment you buy and intend to use.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are now on the bucket list of nearly all paranormal teams.

Beware though, they are not cheap items to own.

We opted for the pictured FLIR i7, the rrp is £2,220.00 +vat @ 20% for this particular camera.

FLIR is an acronym for Forward-Looking Infra-Red.

This particular i7 model can capture stills pictures only if you want video recordable FLIR you will need to spend a lot, lot more for your camera.

Movo WMIC80 UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with 2 Bodypack Transmitters, Portable Receiver, 2 Lav Mics, Shoe Mount for Cameras (100m Range).

A UHF wireless lavalier microphone system that operates over UHF frequencies of 584 MHz-607.4 MHz. It has 2 groups of 48 selectable channels (96 unique frequencies) and can operate and connect at over 330 feet (more than a football field away!). Whether your recording and transmitting audio from a location or up and close interview the WMIC80 will provide HQ satisfactory audio for all your needs. You can attach your receiver unity directly to your shoe mount on your camera to sync the audio right to your camera.

The included omnidirectional lavalier microphones provide uniform frequency response and limits unwanted noise pickup. The microphones can clip on to your shirt with the lapel clips while you attach the transmitters to your waistband or belt for easy portability and comfortability from a long distance.

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