This is a basic EMF meter and costs £7.77 on amazon

New electromagnetic radiation detector emf meter tester
Working temperature: -15°c to 60°c
Brand new and high quality
Easy to use, low cost
Measurement time intervals: 0.4 seconds

You can upgrade to an expensive tri field meter later if you get the bug. brilliant for doing base line emf prior to your hunt as well.


The one shown is the Sony Dictation Machine has a 4GB memory totalling to a possible 1073 hours recording time. Can be bought over the counter at outels like Argos for £29.99, or at Amazon for £21.99.

Record clear audio in versatile HVXC/MP3 format
Voice operated recording noise cut, play back through a built-in 300 mW speaker
Maximum battery life of 45 hours (MP3 8 kbps) or 30 hours (HVXC 2 kbps)
4 GB of memory lets you store up to 1043 hours (MP3 8 kbps), Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included)
Interface INPUT AND OUTPUT TERMINALS Headphone Jack, Microphone In. Remember this is a starter model.

"The only down side we find is that to download you have to play and record, you cannot download an audio file that you can if you bought more expensive models, but easy play back for live EVP sessions though".

This is an excellent multi tool and costs £5.99 on amazon

Table top use, easy to read large LCD screen.
Digitally indicates the temperature, air humidity, time and indoor air.
Calendar display (month and date) & Alarm clock Fuction.
Weather forecast: Sunny, cloudy, slightly cloudy, rainy.

So there you have it, your ghost hunting starter kit.

If you went out and bought all of this now (August 2018) this will set you back  the grand total of £185.49p

There are many facebook pages offering paranormal gear for sale, some of it exactly the same as we have written about above, however, they prey on the novice ghost hunter who doesn't know where to look for specialised equipment and will sell to you at over inflated prices.

Do your research before you buy, there is plenty of equipment out there and priced normally. If you are already reading this, then you are now already informed, so go out there with confidence and buy your equipment with out getting ripped off.

Even when you get into ghost hunting and you want o buy more equipment, better spec etc people will still try and chance there arm with inflating the price, now some gear like discontinued items like the Ovilus 3, will hold a very high price, it's the nature of supply and demand, but be wary depending on type or types of ghost hunting equipment you may want to buy.

Some equipment you just cannot buy in the uk so you have to import from the USA, bear in mind that you will have to pay import duty and VAT which will significantly increase the cost of the equipment you purchase from overseas.

Bill Chappells (Ghost Adventures) shop at is the place to shop for the best and most popular ghost hunting equipment, you can browse and buy from here.

You can also try Gary Galka (Ghost Adventures) online store for the SB7, SB11, Mel meters and Rem pods directly from

However, Gary's equipment is more readily available from some UK sellers on platforms like amazon and ebay if you don't want to wait for international postage times.

We use both USA online stores when we buy our equipment, they also offer excellent after sales service as well.

We at GITUK are not resellers, we do not get paid any money for directing you to these online stores, we are just informing you where to shop to buy the best gear.


This is a basic optional extra, its easy to use and has the famous sony nite-shot. We only use Sony.

Records up to 45 hours of high quality standard definition video on 60-Gb hard drive 800 k pixel CCD sensor Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with 60x optical zoom/2000x digital zoom SteadyShot image stabilization for clearer video and stills when shooting handheld 1 megapixel still photo recording onto internal HDD or removable Memory Stick Face Index and Film Roll Index for quick, easy searches 2
7" wide LCD with easy to use touchscreen Power on by LCD: quick start-up from standby with ultra-low power consumption in sleep mode Stereo sound recording with zoom microphone for clearer dialog and sound of foreground subjects.

Relatively cheap to buy, pay anything between £50.00 to £100.00 for a good one.

Easy to use Picture Motion Browser PC software for managing and uploading video and photos

LED Torch.

To use so you don't walk into things when wondering around your investigation site.

Relaively cheap to buy, easy to store on your person, battery life is excellent, low power usage.

Torch beam from pinspot to wide angle, and can be low beam and high beam power.

A Note Book and pen. (have a spare pen).

You don't need all your gear to be Hi-Tech, you can record your findings in note form, recording the date, time of the occurence and what happened etc.

Basic Starter equipment

This is a basic Laser Thermometer and costs £12.74 on amazon

Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit (range: -50°C ~ 550°C/ -58°F ~ 1022°F)
Built-in laser for precisely aiming; one 9-volt battery (Included)
Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1; Emissivity: 0.95(fixed); Response Time: <500ms
Auto Shut-off & Data Hold Function & Low Battery Indication & Backlight Display Selection
Various Usages: Cooking & Baking, HVAC Checking, Automotive Diagnostics, Electrical Troubleshooting and more! FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS approved; 2-Year Warranty by Etekcity

Just be carefull when using this type of thermometer when taking readings as it measures the surface temperature.

Now your hooked, and you want bigger, faster Better gear than everyone else, heres some of the better niche and more expensive ghost hunting equipment you can buy.

Currently be updated.

The equipment we recommend is in our 'own opinion' what we feel you may want, other teams, crews individuals will agree or disagree with our choice's here, it's all about your own personal views and or preference, so please don't write in and tell us what you feel is the right or wrong, its just a guide!!!!

Advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries

Non-rechargeable                                               Rechargeable
Cheap to buy.                                                        Often expensive to buy.
Can only be used once.                                         Can be used many times.
Expensive to use in the long run as more .             Cheap in the long run as they can be re-used

are needed (high cost / performance ratio)            (low cost / performance ratio).
output falls gradually with time.                               Output stays constant until almost flat.
Disposal of many batteries creates a lot of             Disposal of fewer batteries creates less chemical  polution.     Polution.                                                                 Time consuming recharging batteries prior to every ghost hunt.

Once used just replace and keep on going.




When we are out and about we are often asked or we see comments on posts in our facebook page and from other peoples questions looking for advice on equipment, what do we recommend, what equipment should I get first etc.

Our answer is easy, it all depends on how far you want to go investigating ghosts and spirits, do you want to be a hobbyist joining in on a paid ghost hunt with one the many events companies out there, or investigating locations by yourself?

We will look at a few options for you, take the leg work out of what and where to buy equipment you may want, from basics to professional.

How much do you want to spend, or want not to spend.

We will also tell you later how to create and make your own equipment or to adapt stuff into detecting equipment.

There are a lot of people out in the paranormal community ready to take advantage of the novice and charge you horrendous amounts of money for worthless pieces of detecting equipment that doesn't work, or you could easily make or adapt yourself, after all, its all that they do.

We are not resellers, so any link to any buying site is for information only, we do not make any money by you clicking links.

This whole page is for information only, what you want and what you buy is entireley your choice, this is just a guide to enable the novice and the more seasoned investigator into whats good and whats not.

All links and prices were good as of August 2018. if there are any broken links please let us know here, and we can then rectify the links.

Point and Shoot camera with internal flash.

You could buy new or 2nd hand A B or C, spend what you can afford,  take a look at the spec sheets that they come with for storage size, battery type and weigh up the pros and cons for each camera.

We use cameras that have throw away batteries ( A and C ) and rechargable lithium batteries ( B ), and have spare lithium rechargeable batteries so we can swap them over when they run down, but extra batteries also need extra chargers and increase the cost of the camera package.

These should have internal storage or and Storage cards so as to enable a quick download of your spooky pictures.