Before we can even talk about how to rid a place of evil spirits, we have to talk about what attracted them in the first place.

If All Else Fails...Call a Priest!

So you've done everything that's been suggested and still you are having activity in your home of an evil or negative kind? Perhaps it is time to ask for help.

There are many people qualified to do a house cleansing/blessing from various religions.

If you are Catholic or Christian, ask your personal or local priest, pastor, reverend, etc.

Explain to them your situation (in its entirety) and most of the time people will be willing to help.

If they aren't willing to help or brush you off, move on to someone else.

If you aren't Christian and don't want to ask a priest into your house, it's not a problem.

You can also contact a local shaman, medium, or witch to come and cleanse and bless your home.

By doing searches on the internet or social media, often you can find someone in your area who is qualified and experienced in doing spiritual removals/cleansings.

Don't stop looking until you've found someone to help you. Don't give up. Things will work out.

And if not, MOVE.

Recognising Demonic Activity...

People all over the world  experience demonic hauntings and attachments.

Demons are very real and come in many forms.

They typically haunt or attach themselves to places where there's been a lot of grief, trauma, or built-up energy.

They also attach themselves to people who are at a lower state of being, such as those who are suffering from a form of addiction, drugs, alcohol etc.

Some signs of demonic activity include but aren't limited to: strange sights, sounds, smells, and feelings.

These are usually like hauntings but amplified.

They are more intense and can escalate quickly when the demon is attaching itself to a person. The person may acquire bruises and cuts, bitemarks, etc. out of nowhere or inexplicably.

They may also change the way they act or function on a daily basis.

All of these signs should be noted and if you feel as though your house or someone in your house has attracted an evil spirit(s), there are many ways of getting rid of them.

But be warned, sometimes when these methods are employed the activity may increase or become more intense before it gets better or subsides altogether.

You may never be able to cleanse your home fully, but you may make the entity more subdued, less intensive, quieter. You may have to cleanse your home/property regularly (weekly, monthly, quartely etc) for a grounded spirit.

Stop the Risky Behaviours!

First of all, we have to talk about what attracted them in the first place. This can involve looking into your homes past history, or,  If a person in your home is doing things that are attracting evil spirits, if the latter, then these actions must be pinpointed and stopped in entirety.

EG: If you believe your home is haunted by evil spirits and someone in your house is messing around with the occult without knowing what they're doing, this could be the reason why your house is being haunted.

This person might be using a Ouija Board.

(more often than not this is the first occult thing that attracts demons)

and if so the Ouija Board must be removed from the house and the

person should not use Ouija Boards any longer.

This can also happen when someone is messing around with magick without using protective circles and barriers, etc. Magick and the occult are not to be "played" with...they aren't games and they can attract the wrong kinds of spirits if the person doesn't know what they are doing.

Another risky behaviour is drug abuse of almost any kind.

This includes opiates (pain pill) abuse, as well as alcohol abuse.

If there is a person in your house using alcohol or drugs to the

point where they are addicted and "can't live" without the drug,

this can be a major attractor for demons and evil spirits.

These spirits see this individual as an open source for energy -

Spirit can easily feed off this person because they are at a lower

state of being and can't fend off evil spirits spiritually.

When your soul is vibrating at a lower level, it tends to attract lower level spirits who also vibrate at that level.

Lifestyle changes are number one when getting rid of demons or evil spirits in your home or attached to an individual.

Stop the risky behaviours, stop the destructive habits, and you begin to vibrate higher Positive energy so there's less reason for an evil spirit to stick around.

So far, all you've done is create a few lifestyle changes and that has cured your home. However........

So I've done all that, I'm still living in a haunted/possessed house?............. "Now What"?


We offer this page content as information ONLY.

We (GITUK)  will not be held responsible for death or injury, or increased activity, possession or any other type of unexplained activity  that occurs to you or other persons or to your property you conduct the cleansing in. This page is for information only.

If you carry out a cleansing following the information contained in this page, you do so, ENTIRELEY, at your own risk.

We fully recommend that you do not cleanse your own home. Get reputable help from a reputable medium, or priest.

Tar Water -

Tar water was a medieval medicine consisting of pine tar and water, it was used in Victorian era as a tonic and to get rid of ‘strong spirits’.

Tar water is very powerful and is used to expel negative forces and malevolent entities from your home 1 (one) drop in each room is usually enough, this is only done once a cleansing of your home has taken place to remove the spirits.

No spirits will ever be able to enter your home or return again once this process has been completed.


Black Salt -

Black salt is a primary protective element used in ritual work.

Black salt has a multitude of uses including absorbing negativity when doing a banishment ritual, use the black salt to absorb and contain negativity.

The purpose of black salt use in protection is to drive away evil or to protect your property .

Sprinkle it in each corner of each room of your home whilst telling the spirit or spirits to ‘ leave the property and do not have permission to be there and must go’. After this has taken place all around the property go back to each room sweep up the salt and throw it outside, to keep safe sprinkle across the front and back door threshold of your home to stop anything bad re- entering your home.


White Sage-  

Method for releasing spirits from your home is by Smudging it with sage.

It is a preferred choice of mediums and spiritual advisor's.

Cover every corner of the room, door and window frames with smoke and say out loud that you wish the spirits to leave your home while you are doing this, then leave the sage lit to burn and simmer out.

Clean and open windows to let in the light and release the dark by setting intentions for your dark entity/spirit to leave.


Chakra Crystals-

Crystals have a magical effect and posses both healing and cleansing powers.

Rich violet Amethyst is known as the STONE OF SPIRITS its protective powers keeps anything negative from coming close, so keep this stone by your bedside for safety while you sleep.

Other stones that are particularly good for warding off evil spirits or negative energy are: Black Touraline ,and Rose Quartz both of these dissolve negative vibes and replace them with positive ones.


A full list of chakra stones and there uses are on our web site to help you choose,

The two photographs shown here, apparently showing poltergeist activity?

some remedies you can buy

Le poltergeist de Rosenheim

Two victorian depictions of Levitation

So before you call a medium, a priest, or a Ghost Investigation Team.


Relax, and take stock of your surroundings.

Could those scary haunting type noises, shadows, strange light apparition etc, could these in any way be man made before jumping to the conclusion that you are possessed, or your property is haunted. 9 times out of 10 these strange things happening to you can be easily explained as natural occurence, and not super natural.

Possible causes

According to science writer Terence Hines, cold spots, creaking sounds, and odd noises are typically present in any home, especially older ones, and "such noises can easily be mistaken for the sound of footsteps by those inclined to imagine the presence of a deceased tenant in their home."

David Turner, a retired chemist, suggested that ball lightning could cause inanimate objects to move erratically.

Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell writes that in most cases he investigated, he found plausible explanations for haunting phenomena, such as physical illusions, waking dreams, and the effects of memory.

According to Nickell, the power of suggestion along with confirmation bias plays a large role in perceived hauntings.

He states that as a house, inn, or other place becomes thought of as haunted, more and more ghostly encounters are reported and that when people are given to expect paranormal events, they tend to notice those conditions that would confirm their expectations.

Toxicologist Albert Donnay believes that chronic exposure to substances such as carbon monoxide, pesticide, and formaldehyde can lead to hallucinations of the type associated with haunted houses.

Donnay speculates on the connection between the prevalence of gas lamps during the Victorian era and start of the 20th century stories of ghost sightings and hauntings, describing it as the "Haunted House Syndrome".

Donnay says that carbon monoxide poisoning has been linked to haunted houses since at least the 1920s, citing a 1921 journal article published about a family who suffered headaches, auditory hallucinations, fatigue, melancholy, and other symptoms associated with haunted houses.

Michael Persinger, Jason Braithewaite, and others, suggested that perceived apparitions, cold spots, and ghostly touches are perceptual anomalies caused by variations in naturally occurring or man-made magnetic fields.


A study by psychologist Chris French and others that attempted to replicate Persinger's findings found no link.

So you may want to give us a call after all.

You may also want to reference our chapters on:                                                                  and,   

in conclusion

Definition of a Haunted House.

A haunted house or ghosthouse is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.

Parapsychologists attribute haunting to the spirits of the dead and the effect of violent or tragic events in the building's past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide.

More scientific explanations for the perception that a house is haunted include misinterpreting noises naturally present in structures, waking dreams, suggestibility, and the effect of toxic substances in environments that can cause hallucinations.

In a 2005, Gallup poll, 37 percent of Americans, 28 percent of Canadians, and 40 percent of Britons expressed the belief that houses could be "haunted".

 Full Spiritual Cleansing is a Must!

The next essential step in this process is to cleanse one's home thoroughly.

This might sound odd, but, First, clean your house top to bottom.

This means vacuuming, dusting, cleaning behind furniture you've ignored for months, de-cluttering your closets and cabinets, cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens, etc. After you've physically cleaned your house and space, you can then move on to spiritually cleansing it.

There are various ways of cleansing one's home and space, but the most effective way of removing negative entities and energies is to smudge with a white sage bundle.

This is an ancient Native American practice - by using smoke from the sage to fill a space the smoke clears away negative energies and entities.

You can learn how to correctly perform a smudging by simply googling the directions.

There are wonderful step-by-step articles and YouTube videos on the subject. If you don't have white sage, there are other herbs you can use; however, most have found that white sage is the most effective when dealing with evil spirits.

When doing your smudging, don't forget to get the corners of each room, as negative energy likes to linger in corners. Get the closets, garage, basement, etc. Leave no room un-cleansed. We go in depth towards the end of this article with different tupes of cleansing and things to use.

NOTE: when doing your smudging, be sure to open a few windows or doors to allow the evil spirits to escape. If you smudge and keep everything closed up, they have nowhere to go and you might anger them more than anything!

After you've cleansed your place from top to bottom, you should bless your home with oil to protect it from further demonic entry.

This can be as simple as dipping your finger into a little olive oil and drawing a protective symbol on your doorways, windows, and exhaust vents.

You can use whatever protective symbol you feel a connection to, for many people that is a cross. But the choice is yours! As you bless the doorways, you can say a prayer or statement.

For example

"I bless this house in the name of Jesus Christ. Let only positive energy enter this house."

Again, the choice is yours depending on your faith or tradition.

Please keep in mind that sometimes a full house cleansing and blessing will anger an entity, particularly if this entity is a powerful one.

In this case, you might need further assistance outside of yourself and your home.

You might need to contact a religious official.

In addition to a spiritual cleansing and blessing of your home, make sure to let the sunlight in and get the air moving.

                                                                  Evil spirits prefer dark, still give them the opposite!