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The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society

Team roster: Jeremy York (founder), Tim Kummer, Scott Smith, Codie Kummer, 
Virgil Fugate, Frank Smith, Michael Creek, Linda Fugate, Amanda Kummer, 
Chris Kummer, Shannon Sullivan, Tony VonHolten, Megan VonHolten, Robert Aasen, Kherri Bilbro

Founded October 17, 2009.                              Based out of New Haven, Indiana, USA            Email: THINGS

International ghost investigation teams.

If you would like to see your team listed here please use our contact page with details of your team and links to your website.

the only stipulations we ask, is that you are a professional paranormal investigation team, with a website.

We will not list your team if you run or host ghost hunting events, do not have a website.

The purpose of the listing is to offer choice to people who require the services of an investigation team.

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