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When the image opened I had a moment of shock at the black apparition that was behind Kelly, only afterwards and looking closely what seemed ominous was quickly explained.

So Kelly must have read my mind, and took new photos in the same spot with lights on, and lights off in the hallway.

Now we had a chance to compare the new pictures with the selfie with alleged apparition.

Pic1 of original photo sent.

Kelly cropped the original of a selfie she made to highlight what was in the hallway behind her.

Pic2 emlargement of original photo

GITUK made the enlargement during the night of the email conversation with Kelly.




We received this message at 23:02 From Kelly, who lives in Ocean City New Jersey. USA. as we were sat relaxing at home watching a xmas movie during the holiday period and it changed the course of our nights activitiy.

This is the exact transcript of the emails:

28/12/2017 23:02 Kelly P - Ocean City, New Jersey, USA.


Can I send a picture

Ghost Investigation

Yes, please do, will see how we can help you.

Ghost Investigation

Brilliant thank you, the apparition photo you sent, was you alone in the house when you took it?

We asked this question, as we wanted to be able to debunk what or not was the cause of the apparition in Kelly's selfie.


No my daughter and her friend were here playing back there

That’s why I wasn’t sure if it could be one of them and just a crazy blurred picture but the clothes or hair or nothing looks like them

The more questions we ask, and the answers we get helps us determine the possible natural cause as to what our client believes to be paranormal.

Ghost Investigation

The apparition I see is a woman in a short dress mid thigh and fluted, as she seems to be striding toward you, hairstyle as an 80's Kelly Lebrock if you've ever seen my step moms an alien. It seems really so later and gives me the chills every time I look at it, and as there is reflection on your wooden floor, I cannot see how this is a photo shopped picture.

By referencing the shiny wooden floor offering a reflection of the apparition, it was becoming clearer that she may have caught the daughter or her friend who was in the house moving from one room to another via the hall, as when the picture was took, when Kelly turned around, there was nothing in the hall way. Hence the statement that this is not a photo shopped picture.


It’s absolutely not photoshopped it gives me chills too! Yes it looks very 80s “weird science” Kelly lebrock! My daughter sees two ghosts but only outside of my house one is good and one is bad she says the things she says blows my mind! My niece and mother in law both had cancer and she knew before we told her it was insane she’s clairaudio too she can see and hear in her minds eye how the ghosts she sees died she hears rocks falling from a cliff she says gives me total chills!!

Ghost Investigation

Have you any history on your home, or on the land it was built? Definitely getting a 1980s feel to the person in your picture.


The house was built in 1995 but my Parents lived here and my dad died of cancer and my mom committed suicide because she couldn’t live without him she died in this house but that ghost isn’t her I honestly feel as an empath the energy outside of my house is strange the whole block I feel a strange energy two doors down a kid just died of a heroin overdose I’ve thought about driving around the block with a container of salt and just salting the whole block

Ghost Investigation

You could try smudging with white sage in your home. If your home is a detached property you could salt ring it and say a prayer of protection if you are uncomfortable with your situation, or bring in a medium or even better a ghost hunting crew like what we do and see what they come up with first? All depends with how you feel and want to go forward with this.


I smudge a lot! I guess I should have messaged a more local ghost investigation team but something said to message this one well now you have a photo to add to your research! Thank you for taking the time maybe I’ll see if I can get an investigation crew come out and I’ll keep you informed of any findings

Ghost Investigation

A real shame you wasn't local, thank you for using us for your enquiry, I would like to add your case to our website, with your permission to use your story and photos. And do keep is informed of how you go forward from here.


Absolutely you have my permission to do whatever you want with the photo! I’ll be checking out the site and if I get anymore pictures or any findings I’ll keep you informed

Ghost Investigation

Thank you very much. I will start the write up later today, its currently 0220am at the moment.if you keep us informed of future events we will update your story as it unfolds. What town and state do you live in, we will not disclose your exact address ever.


I live in Ocean City, New Jersey I’ll keep you updated

So the conversation ended there, not everything is what it seems, but initially looking at the photo it had the wow moment, until we looked closely into the enquiry and the evidence presented to us, by asking the right questions and getting the answers cleared this up quite quickly fom the initial enquiry time and the waiting time in between sending emails to and thro, this time we feel it was one of the girls in the house walking through just as Kelly took the picture, although Kelly has and still does have paranormal activity in her home, this time it was just a normal occurence.

We still haven't heard from Kelly with an update with regards to the other activity she is experiencing, we will update this story as it unfolds.

We feel extremely privilidged as we get to go to some amazing places, and meet amazing people when we are invited to a location for an investigation.

We get enquiries from all over the world, and its humbling, because we aren't famous, we are just professional, so thank you for choosing us to help.

We get just as excited when our inbox rings out with an enquiry, whether its a question or a plea for help, we get sent pictures of paranormal activity, EVP files that someone has captured and want to know what we see or hear, is it paranormal etc.

We are the "go to guys"  helping people with there paranormal enquiries, we can either confirm there captures or debunk them, either way we provide peace of mind to our clients.

Not everything is as it seems sometimes, and the willingness to see something and believe its paranormal because its what you want it to be, you have to ensure that its not just 'Paredoila'  your brain making out something in a shape in a photograph that isn't actually there. Its our experience of the paranormal that gives us a subjective view of evidence that is presented to us, that helps us determine of what you have captured.

Not all clients are keen to give permission to let us use there pictures, video or EVP captures whether that's embarrassment of believing in the paranormal, or just shy, rest assured we do not and would not use there media what ever it is with out explicit consent.

However, some do give permission and let us share there story with you, and this is what this page is all about, so a big big thank you to all the contributors to this small segment of our web site, you make what we do all worth while.


So this is a picture I took one day while my daughter and her friend and myself were home i have no idea how to photoshop or would I embarrass myself with fake photos I’ve put it on medium sites who swear it’s photoshopped but it’s not!

So I thought I’d send it to professionals. (She means us)


(In this message segment, Kelly sent a video she made of her cat acting strangely, staring into something in a sitting position, in her kitchen,but there was nothing there, we tried to download the video but it was in a format we couldnt download from the message).


That’s what my cat does this was just taken

Ghost Investigation

I just downloaded your image and this gave me chills, I have seen something similar before, have you got a picture of the back ground without the apparition.

Animals sense stuff way before we do, our dogs used to do the same, sit and stare at someone or something that wasn't there.


Yes it’s my house I can retake the picture or just take one of the hallway whatever you want

My cats always playing with what I can’t see I am an empath though and my 9 yr sees ghosts but never what my cats playing with

Ghost Investigation

If you can take a photo reenacting your apparition picture please just to compare.