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We created a map of the area's the children were abducted from and the burial sites, to see if this caused a pattern between the two.

The abduction sites would seem to coroberate the christs cross theory, although not perfect in dimension, it was Brady who chose the victim in the area of Manchester of his choosing, Myra's job was to ensure she got the victim to come with her.

Whilst jailed in Ashworth, Brady had an 'Advocate' (appropiate adult). There seemed to be a small glimmer of hope of finding Keith.

But....  it was reported on Friday 12th August 2012.

The mental health advocate of the Moors murderer Ian Brady had been arrested on suspicion of preventing the burial of Keith Bennett, one of Brady and Myra Hindley's five young victims.

Police confirmed on Friday that Jackie Powell, who was appointed as Brady's advocate under the Mental Health Act in 1999, had been arrested in south Wales on suspicion of preventing the lawful and decent burial of a body without lawful excuse.

Powell was apparently detained after telling a Channel 4 documentary that Brady gave her a sealed envelope to pass on to Winnie Johnson in the event of Brady's death.

In a statement, Greater Manchester police said they had recently received information that led them to believe Brady had finally disclosed details of the location of the body to one of his "long-term visitors" at Ashworth high-security hospital where he is being detained.

The force did not name the suspect but said a 49-year-old woman had been arrested in south Wales and remained in custody for questioning.

A police spokesman added: "Officers in the cold case unit made inquiries to verify the accuracy of this report and have since had extensive contact with Ashworth hospital and Keith's close family. As a result, warrants obtained under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act were executed at Ashworth hospital and a private address in south Wales.

"A 49-year-old woman has been arrested in south Wales on suspicion of preventing the burial of a body without lawful exercise and remains in police custody for questioning. Searches of both locations are ongoing."

Martin Bottomley, head of investigative review of Greater Manchester police's major and cold case crime unit, said: "The Moors murders cast a long and dark shadow over the history of our region but in 2009 we reluctantly concluded there was no longer any specific information to identify new search areas and the investigation to find Keith entered a dormant stage. However, we have always stressed this is a case we will never close.

"We have been, and always will be, open to pursuing any new lines of inquiry that arise from significant scientific advances or credible and actionable information."

He added: "I want to be explicitly clear about this: Ian Brady has not revealed to police the location of Keith's body. What we are looking at is the possibility – and at this stage it is only a possibility – that he has written a letter to Keith's mum, Winnie Johnson, which was not to be opened until after his death. We do not know if this is true or simply a ruse but we clearly have a duty to investigate such information on behalf of Keith's family.

"Since Keith was so cruelly taken away all those years ago, our thoughts have always been with his family as they try to come to terms with what happened. All they want is to finally be able to lay Keith to rest. What I would ask is that the media respect their privacy at this time. Winnie herself is very ill and continued speculation about this letter will only cause the family more upset."

The force later said the woman had been bailed for three months.

Officers seized documents from Powell's house, but believe there is no clear evidence that Brady had revealed the location of Keith's grave.

It is thought that Johnson is not yet aware of the recent developments. Her lawyer, John Ainley, told the Press Association: "Winnie has always believed that Ian Brady knew where her son was buried. She never thought anything else. He had a dialogue with Winnie some years ago and she was certain that he could have provided information that would have given her closure in this harrowing case."

Last December, Johnson said she wanted to hear face-to-face from Brady where her son was buried. She renewed her plea last month, saying in a letter to the 74-year-old killer that her dying wish was to know where Keith's body was.

The makers of the documentary said they had not seen the envelope.

The documentaries commissioning editor and editor for Cutting Edge, Emma Cooper, said: "No one can verify the contents of the envelope and therefore what information it does or does not contain but given the enormity of the implications as suggested by Brady's letter, we felt we had a responsibility to inform the family via their family liaison officer.

"Winnie's poor health was foremost in our decision-making and this is why we have decided to bring forward the broadcast of the film and make the existence of the envelope public."

The film, Ian Brady: Endgames of a Psychopath, will be broadcast on Monday 15th August at 9pm. In an interview she gave for the programme, Powell said she had received a letter of instruction and a sealed envelope from Brady via his solicitors. She explained that the letter of instruction stated the additional envelope contained three letters – one apparently addressed to Johnson.

Powell, who has professional obligations in her capacity as executor and her role as Brady's mental health advocate, told the documentary she had not opened the sealed envelope so could not be certain of its contents. But she told the Daily Mirror Brady did not want "to take his secrets to the grave", adding that the document could afford Johnson "the means of her possibly being able to rest".

Paddy Wivell, producer of the documentary, said he was shocked to hear of Powell's letter and that she intended to return the letter to Brady. He suggested Powell felt a loyalty as she worked with the killer for so long and "apparently she took it back to him".

Powell said she received a letter of instruction and a sealed envelope from Brady via his solicitors. The letter of instruction said the envelope contained three letters – one addressed to Bennett's mother.

The producers urged Powell to tell police about the letter and when she declined they informed the police, who began an investigation on 30 July.

Powell later told the Daily Mirror Brady doesn't want "to take his secrets to the grave", and the letter could afford Johnson, who is in poor health, "the means of her possibly being able to rest".

Brady was jailed for life at Chester Assizes in 1966 for the murders of John, Lesley Ann and Edward. Hindley was convicted of killing Lesley Ann and Edward and shielding Brady after John's murder, and jailed for life. In 1987 the pair finally admitted killing Keith and Pauline.

David Wilson, a professor of criminology at Birmingham City University and an expert on serial killers, expressed doubt about the existence of the letter.

"There is no new information here," he said. "Ian Brady went back to the moors in 1987 and said to the police officer: 'Who moves that mountain?' They stopped the investigation then because it's quite clear he didn't have a clue where the body was. This is not about Keith Bennett, or Winnie Johnson, it's about Ian Brady.

"He is a master of trying to inject what is broadcast and printed about him, and making sure we interpret the story in the way he would like us to interpret it. He's unique in the sense that most serial killers don't want to talk and communicate. Ian Brady communicates all the time. When you assess what he writes it is usually self-serving nonsense, not remotely reliable."

Wilson said he was on the moors four weeks ago and saw the tributes Johnson had left for her son.

"I want there to be a positive ending, but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He's legally insane, so why do we believe he's going to say anything at all that can be reliable?"

Documentary-maker Paddy Wivell told Radio 4's Today programme: "I think we probably have to approach it with some sense of caution too.

This seems to me like very much part of Brady's pathology, one of power and control.

"He is a sadistic psychopath and it would appear that this is some sort of victory dance, a kind of power game, in the fact that he constantly puts conditions on things. The condition that it can only be opened in the event of his death is consistent with this kind of behaviour over the years."


We at GITUK HQ cannot even fathom as to why, Jackie Powell, had any loyalty to Brady and took her role as advocate a little to seriously, and was she just looking for her 15 minutes of fame by making shocking revelations of this so called sealed letter to Winnie. Did it actually exist at all, as searches of Brady's cell revealed no  such returned letter , that was addressed for Winnie Johnson. Any normal person with a shred of decency would have passed on such a letter to the police who could have inspected the contents of the letter and take the appropriate action as required. Jackie Powell is in our eyes as complicit as Hindley was in covering up for Brady.


In April 1966 at Chester Assizes, Brady was convicted of the murders of Edward, Lesley Ann and John. He was handed concurrent life sentences.

Hindley was also convicted of the murders of Edward and Lesley Ann, and for shielding Brady after the killing of John. She was given two concurrent life sentences plus an seven years for her role in John’s murder.

At that time, there was no evidence to link them with the disappearances of 12-year old Keith Bennett or 16-year old Pauline Read.

When Hindley, and eventually Brady, confessed to these killings, the Home Office demanded a new search for their bodies.

In July 1987, police finally located Pauline Reade's body in another shallow grave near Hollin Brown Knoll.

But no trace has yet been found of Keith Bennett, and up to this date 23-08-2018 Keith Bennett's body remains unfound.

So we at GITUK HQ decided afer our investigation on 1st July 2017 of the unsolved murder of Elsie Froston Saturday 9th October 1965, and the link that we believe that  Myra Hindley was responsible for the death of Elsie Frost, we have to also investigate the Moors Murders and in particular the Murder and missing body of Keith Bennett.


What we do differently to other paranormal investigators is use Hi-Tech state of the art paranormal detection equipment, and scientific detection equipment, extensive research and criminal psychology, no hocus pocus, no mediumship, Ouija boards or guess work, or walking on and around the moors picking up any discarded items of interest and linking what they have found to the Moors Muderers in some tenuous way.

This story appeared in the Chester Chronicle in June 2004.

Stories like this sadden us, they make a mockery of the paranormal, so when serious investigators get involved (like us), we all get tarred with the brush of shysters like these pair. If they say they were going to find Keith as reported in this article in 2004, then I wouldn't be writing this article today? Let this be a lesson to trying to get famous in the press, at least find him first before going to the press.

               Here's the transcript from the press article in June 2004.


Barnton mediums Christine Hamlett and Jackie Dennison hope to locate the youngster's body and draw to a close 40 years of anguish and pain for his mother Winnie Johnson and her family.

The PSYCHICS claim they know the final resting place of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett, and the 12-year-old's mother has given her blessing for a search to be carried out.

They are preparing to search Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester later this month armed with a map which they say was seen by murderer Myra Hindley shortly before her death.

The pair claim they have been in communication with the spirit of Keith - the only victim of murderer Hindley and partner Ian Brady yet to be found - for a number of years.

Brady's perfect murder!

We have been actively searching for the whereabouts of Keith Bennett's hidden body on Saddleworth Moor after being murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Keith Bennett, 12, was taken on Wednesday June 16th 1964 after he left home to visit his grandmother.

Keith’s family will have to wait 16 months to discover that the police suspect he was a victim of the depraved Moors Murderers.

It was to be another 23 years before Hindley finally confessed to Keith's murder during a parole board application following a letter from Keith’s mum, Winnie.

Winnie fought a long campaign to get Brady to reveal the location of her son’s grave – but the sick killer refused to help her.

Brady had set out to commit the “perfect murder” in which the body was never found, and he cruelly maintained his silence even when Winnie became terminally ill with cancer.

Sadly, in 2012, she died at the age of 78.
Keith’s younger brother, Alan, has continued his mother’s crusade to find Keith’s remains.

Brady before Winnie died did offer to go to the Moor and show the police where Keiths body was. When he got there Brady said he new the area well, yet when challenged by the police, he said he didn't recognise any of the landmarks and could not therefore identify the location of Keiths grave.

Brady said about the where abouts of Keiths Body to the police after....

"I know where Keiths body is, You want to know here Keiths body is, and, I'm not going to tell you."

Brady had written a set of rules/check list to follow so there would be no slip ups or foregetfulness after commiting a murder.

If followed to the letter, they would not be found out.

Above is a copy of a 1961 OS map that we made of the search sites and body locations of the victims, the yellow high lighted area is where the official police search took place, the green shaded area is where an unofficial search is looking for Keith, where past evidence and a so called ' SECRET CODE' in a book 'The Gates of Janus' written by Brady have clues in it that tell the whereabouts of Keiths body.

NB: You will notice on the map that Dovestone Reservoir is not there! As at the time of the murders, it was still under construction.

The map produced above we based on past stories written on the alleged whereabouts of Keith and the various theories of where and why Keith would be in certain locations depending on the story running at the time.

One story was the Cross of christ theory where the bodies were buried in the shape of the cross, perhaps in an atheist Brady's mind to mock the church and religion?

The Daily Star ran a story with this picture left, and it shows the highlighted cross over the graves of the known locations, and the possible location of Keiths grave at the bottom of the cross.

If you look at our map you will see that the 'Standing Stones' are not in the same position as the Daily Star have marked on there map.

Don't you just love the sensationalist red top gutter press journalism?

It's the press stories like this that inspire us at GITUK to make sure our article is at least factual. In the real world of fact, the found bodies of John Kilbride, Leslie Anne Downey and Pauline Reade were in an almost straight line

Brady pictured above at the Moor flanked by police officers looking for Keiths unmarked grave at Shiny Brook.

This straight line of bodies got us thinking, Brady and Hindley went back to the moors and picniced at the grave sites, they took Maureen and David Smith to Hollin Brown Knoll (HBK) for picnics there, and we believe the bodies buried in this area were placed in the straight line position so that Brady could easily identify the locations from standing at a certain point on top of HBK (Perhaps Leslies Grave) looking out to the south west down to Greenfield and Yeoman Hey reservoirs, he could survey the areas where Pauline and John were buried. Hence the photgraphs created by Brady and Hindley marking the grave sites at HBK on Saddleworth Moor.

Spencer created a map of this straight line theory and was surprised at what he discovered, the line intersected the right hand corners of each dam, and including the Dovestone reservoir dam that was being constructed at the time, coincidence? or genius line of sight (likened to Trigonometry) so that the exact locations can be seen, is Keiths body also somewhere along this line also?


Christine said: 'Years ago whenever Keith Bennett's name was mentioned I saw a map in my head, but I didn't do anything about it until a couple of years ago when I talked to Jackie and she told me to sketch it'.

'In 2001 I read that Hindley had been drawing maps to try and help Keith's mother, Winnie Johnson, find her son's body'.

'Jackie and I anonymously sent Hindley our map to see if we could help. When she died, quite a lot of maps were found in her cell, one of which would definitely have been ours.'

Christine claims her map is similar to one Hindley drew while on Saddleworth Moor and they hope to use it to locate the makeshift grave.

And she believes Keith will aid in the search: 'Keith has told us he will leave a sign there - something yellow to show us.'

Winnie Johnson has repeatedly vowed to keep looking for her son since his murder in 1964.

Mrs Johnson, who is now 71, said she wished the mediums the best of luck. She told the Chronicle: 'I am delighted that someone has started thinking about me as this year is the 40th anniversary of Keith's death.'

'The only thing I want out of it is to find him and put him to rest - I don't want him out on the moors, I just want him home.'


GITUK say, if you want to get credibility of what you do, don't seek for fame in the press, and make promises or claims you can't deliver on.

We are going to try and find Keith's missing body by using our extensive experience as paranormal investigators and using a range of our arsenal of investigative paranormal scientific equipment that we have at our disposal, our limited knowledge of criminal psychology  and good old detective work.

We will only go to the press with our story if we find something of interest that leads to the discovery of Keith's remains, or we find Keith ourselves.

We will be chronicling our investigation on this page in article on our web site for any one who is interested into the Moors story and our input  into Keth's story.