​​​Standalone Modes

There are 6 different autonomous modes available on the Paranormal Puck 2.

These are modes available when not connected to a control device such as a smartphone or tablet.

1) Temperature / Humidity Mode

The puck will play a rising or falling tone to indicate a change in temperature or humidity.

2) Ion Mode

This mode will set the base lights and change the colours. Brighter and more intense light reflect stronger levels of static electricity or ionization.

3) Light Mode

If the ambient light level in the location changes the Puck will play an alarm signal to indicate the light level change.

4) PSI Mode

In this mode, the Puck will sound the alarm tone if the barometric pressure changes.

5) Motion / Magnetism Mode

This mode will run the alarm tones if the Puck senses vibration or a change in the magnetic field.

6) All Mode

As it sounds the puck will cycle through all modes continually.

Suggested Usage of the Puck 2

As a data tool, the Puck can be monitored remotely.

In most conditions, this ranges from several feet away up to 15 metres. 

In ideal conditions, this range may extend to 45 metres depending on the environment.

Since the Puck’s whole mission is data, the user can see a record of what is happening around the Puck without having to try and read a screen in the dark or write down what the readings are. 

This is because all readings are captured in the data logs.

Even when the Puck is in standalone mode it will still monitor the sensor being used and the Minimum and Maximum values can be retrieved from the puck at a later time.

ITC Usage

The ITC mode on the Puck is our favourite feature allowing voice responses based on the energy levels the puck is reading.

The user can ask questions or type them in and have them saved in the log if so desired.

Note:  There are no random functions;

When the Puck speaks it is doing so because something has changed in the environment causing it to react.

There is a pervading idea at the heart of all the devices Bill Chappell has built for ITC.

Simply, if Bill Chappell believes that something can change the energy around the device, Then it can use that energy to pick different words.

For example........

If you were going up to a wall where there are 100’s of buttons.

Each time you press a button it says the same thing.

However, every button says a different word.

As you press the buttons you learn the words and soon you have a simple level of communications.

Will the Puck say things that do not make sense?


It is reading energy and our environment is full of EMF, static electricity and ionization.

When using the Puck for ITC experiments keep an open mind and always apply common sense.

1) Is the response quick?

You always want to consider responses that occur in a minute or less.

2) Is the response appropriate?

If you ask "how old are you" and the response is "soup",

it is best to ignore the response.

Android App / Apple App

Information on downloading the app comes with the Paranormal Puck. 

The app software cannot be used without the Paranormal Puck 2.




The Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B in protective case.

Weatherproof Case

Water resistant
Impact resistant
Hard shell durable plastic case
Custom cut foam ensures a safe and snug fit for your device
Portable hand sized (6″ x 4″ x 2″)
Retractable USB Charging Cable

Bill Chappell (Inventor, electrical engineer, and appears regularly on G.A.C) has updated the original Paranormal Puck, (as used on Ghost Adventures) and new for 2017 is the ''Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B''.

Like GAC, we use scientific recording equipment to capture evidence as proof as to the existence of the afterlife.

So we went ahead in 2017 and bought one directly from Bill at Digital Dowsing. We also became BETA testers with the new software and helped with the development and testing.

We have copied the product description from Bill's website. Digital Dowsing.

About the Paranormal Puck 2 Rev B

Like the Original Paranormal Puck, the Paranormal Puck 2 is designed to connect to a control device.

In the Paranormal Puck 2, there are 6 additional standalone options.

The standalone options enable the device to be used with a controlling app/software or autonomously.

The Rev B of the Paranormal Puck 2 provides a more compact simplified design with increased airflow to the sensors.

The Paranormal Puck 2, is a leap forward monitoring EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement, ionisation/static levels and produce the legendary ITC sessions the original Paranormal Puck was known for.

Instead of needing a PC the Paranormal Puck 2 will work with smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).

The Paranormal Puck 2 is the most advanced gear Bill Chappell has ever built.

The wireless connection will allow for remote IT sessions and the app will allow all data to be seen, visualized and shared directly from our smartphone or tablet compatible with iOS and Android.

Same size as a hockey puck!… and as Digital Dowsing say, "Don't use it as one"......