On the next shoot at Prideaux Place, Cornwall, Series 06 Episode 04  Ciaran made up another fictional character, highwayman Rik Eedles - an anagram of Derek Lies. Sure enough, Derek made contact with the dead outlaw.

Ciaran says: "In my professional opinion we're not dealing with a genuine medium.

"When Derek is possessed he is doing it consciously - all we are seeing is showmanship and dramatics."

Ciaran went a step further at Craigievar Castle, near Aberdeen.

"I made up stories about Richard the Lionheart, a witch, and Richard's apparition appearing to walk through a wardrobe - the lion, the witch and the wardrobe!"

True to form, Derek mentioned all Ciaran's stories - even though Richard I reigned 500 years BEFORE Craigievar Castle was built.

The final straw came last month when Most Haunted presented a three-night special from Manchester.

On the second evening, the show claimed to be broadcasting live from the site of Cheadle's Victorian asylum, a place where - according to presenter David Bull - thousands died in torment. In fact they were in the derelict remains of Barnes Convalescence Home - where nobody died in torment.

Ciaran remembers: "Derek was communicating with spirits that sounded as if they'd been in an asylum, but it was never an asylum."

Yesterday the Mirror confronted Derek Acorah with Ciaran's allegations. He told us:

"I've worked with Ciaran for many shows and he's got every right to say what he says.


"However, it does shock and surprise me. Not only do I believe that I am a genuine medium - I live my work 24 hours a day. If I thought that I wasn't a true medium, I wouldn't work as one."

A spokesman for LivingTV said: "Ciaran O'Keeffe has worked as the programme's official sceptic for 18 months and during this time has not brought any of his concerns to our attention.

"LivingTV has not seen any of your filmed evidence, but will fully investigate your claims."

Daily Mirror Story reporting the fake investigations of Most Haunted.

The Ghost Investigation Team was formed after we started watching 'Most Haunted' way back in 2002, it was the only British paranormal Crew/series that was being aired on the ''LivingTV'' channel. It was a real eye opener and Most Haunted were the catalyst behind our team forming. We went out and bought the exact same gear they were using at the time, Sony night shot camera's, digital laser thermometers, and the tecpel EMF meter, we even visited the same locations as Most Haunted to use our equipment at. We even went to the Most Haunted Live shows, and was present with the so called flying spoon incident on the sunday night in Stafford.

We were hooked on the Paranormal, and exciting times lay ahead for us.

Then the first exposes came to light, as we saw the 'Most Haunted Crew' as our mentors at the time, we were gutted when Most Haunted was put in the frame, so many others fake the evidence as well, and this is what we focus on in this page.

It seems that UK television is the only medium where you can cheat and get away with it as long as it provides an audience and viewing figures that equal profit from advertising rights during the show.  American channels cancelled the long running and popular T.A.Ps show known as 'Ghost Hunters' and the of shoot show, 'Ghost Hunters International', cancelled when it became apparent they faked the evidence to enhance the TV show.

A shame, as you do not have to fake evidence of the paranormal if you actually investigate the haunted location, like we do.

Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding.

Before we explore this question, bear this in mind,  the shows executive producers are Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding

Most Haunted relies on one irrefutable fact... people get scared in the dark and it makes great TV.

Each episode of the show starts with the disclaimer "This show is for entertainment purposes only."

This message is the result of an investigation by television watchdog Ofcom following complaints from viewers who felt that the show was deceiving the public by claiming to find evidence of paranormal activity.

Whether Yvette and her team are conducting a legitimate investigation into the paranormal is really up to you and what you believe the paranormal to be.

Ofcom deemed that the show wasn't guilty of fraud, and backing up the unproven nature of the paranormal in general labeled Most Haunted as an "entertainment show", not to be taken seriously.

So Ofcom havin chastised Most Haunted for being an entertainment show only,  why does presenter Yvette Fielding report  at the start of each and every programme of there entertainment only show, that it is a true ghost hunt/investigation of this haunted location, when it is clearly not!.

It's true that Most Haunted might not be as "scientific" as some of the other paranormal shows on TV, but if you are a skeptic and you don't believe in ghosts. So for you, the other paranormal shows which are packed full of ghost hunting gadgets and ridiculous unproven pseudoscience or just plain dull.

Rather than looking for spikes in EM fields or messing around with gadgets with distracting flashing lights, the Most Haunted team simply go to some of the creepiest locations they can find and immerse themselves in their surroundings.

These locations are said to be haunted and people have reported experiencing ghostly goings on there, so Yvette and her gang just go along to experience it like any other guest to the property.

I am of the belief that if you tell someone a few ghost stories and send them in to a "Haunted House" at night on their own they will see, hear or experience something creepy whether they believe in ghosts or not.

And that's exactly what Most Haunted is, a bunch of people running around in the dark until they get genuinely scared, and that's why the general public like the show.

They experience hauntings in the same way that you and the rest of the general public.

Their experience of the paranormal is the type of encounter you hear about in the ghost stories that surround these locations.

No one even tells ghosts stories which include references to a spike of 20 milligauss on a KII meter, it's boring.

So, is Most Haunted real?
Well, is any ghost story real?

That's really down to your interpretation of the evidence you are being presented with. Every photo of a ghost you see online, every video of something odd always comes with the claim that,  "There was no one else in the room".

" You simply don't know if this is true or not, either you trust those presenting the evidence or you don't. If you investigate yourselves, you deploy the same techniques, probably use a bit more equipment than Most Haunted use, who seem to rely on practices that they could control the outcome of responses to questions with the likes of Ouija, and tapping boards etc.

We at GITUK on location try to position our static cameras to cover as much as the room as possile, for quite a few reasons,

1) we dont know where the evidence of an apparition is going to appear, so we cover as much area as possible

2) If  and when we do catch video evidence, it hopefully shows also that its not us faking the evidence

3) If we keep the camera angles tight its hard for us to prove to our viewers our evidence is real

4) we have cameras on close ups (tight shots) on trigger objects only, we will also have another static camera in the room that will also scan the area of the trigger object to prove that, if there is movement, it was not done by human hands.

5) we want you to be able to believe our evidence can be nothing but real, by the video evidence we produce for our viewers

We would rather have 50 hours of genuine camera footage of our location with no evidence, but a solid investigation in the can,  than fake even the slightest bit of footage to get 'LIKES' on posts or a viral video on Youtube, and the ensuing publicity it would create and lose all of our years of credibilty in a few seconds of fake footage and outed as a fake investigative group.


It's very clear what Most Haunted is, it's an hour-long show which provides a bit of entertainment in the context of a ghost hunt.

Whether or not you believe all of the cast's reactions to the events which occur are genuine.

The fact that the show has been on television for 15 years and the viewing figures are some of highest on Really's programming  schedule amongst other UK ghost hunting shows is testament to that.

We still watch the show, well we have been watching it since 2002, we went to the Most Haunted Live show in Stratford, Sunday 31st October 2004, the night of the flying spoon, after the show I had a good chat with Karl Beattie, Phil Wyman and Richard Felix into the wee early hours, Derek Acorah and Yvette had already left so we couldn't speak with them.

This was the year after all, that, thanks to the Most Haunted programme inspiring us, we formed the GITUK investigating team.

Now we do paranormal investigating ourselves, its easy to see why we do not agree with what Most Haunted have done in the past and in the present.

But my argument still remains, Most Haunted still bring the profession into disrepute:

"They tarnish every single genuine  investigative group with there brush"

Derek Acorah

So, is Most Haunted A Legitimate Investigation of The Paranormal Or ....

Is It All Faked By The Show's Producers?

But our(The Daily Mirror's) investigation reveals how the programme uses careful editing to mislead viewers and, on at least one occasion, has even lied about the location of filming.

Ciaran, a lecturer in the paranormal at Liverpool's Hope University, knows speaking out will probably put an end to his media career... but he believes viewers should know the truth.

He says: "I think it's time to open the dialogue about what I've experienced on Most Haunted. There have been many incidents with the medium that have been brushed under the carpet.

"I was put in the show to give a professional slant to it, to give it an element of credibility, but the sceptical argument is just swept away.

"In my opinion, we're not dealing with genuine mediumship."

He says he isn't the only member of the crew who feels viewers are being cheated.

"Other crew members have been irked by Derek and what's going on, because it turns what should be a serious investigation into a laughing matter."

And our exclusive footage shows other members of the team occasionally forget they are on camera.

One of our clips, later edited out, shows Karl push an unwitting sound man in the dark and pretend it was a poltergeist attack.

In the remaining footage he says (after surreptitiously hitting the soundman): "S**t, did you feel that?"

Yvette: Are you all right? What's happened?

Karl: I felt something touch me on my shoulder.

Soundman: I felt something hit me.

And in another edited clip with medium Ian Lawman, Yvette is seen on camera making a deep sigh. In the scene that eventually went to air, Ian (after Yvette sighs) says: "What's that noise?

Yvette: What noise? Like a moan?

Ian: Breathing or something.

Yvette: I heard like an 'arrggh'.

As you can see with the Most Haunted broken video links. Antix productions are reporting videos that expose Most Haunted.

Video unavailable
"Most Haunted S05..."
The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

The TV show that has spooked millions with its footage of hauntings and poltergeists has been exposed as a fake - by one its own stars.

Resident parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe has sensationally lifted the lid on the ghosthunting series, Most Haunted ... and claims that the public are being deceived by "showmanship and dramatics."

He accuses the show's medium Derek Acorah of hoodwinking viewers by pretending to communicate with spirits and obtaining information about locations prior to filming.

The Mirror has also obtained unedited footage which appears to show presenter Yvette Fielding and her husband faking 'paranormal' occurrences such as ghostly bumps and knocks.

Most Haunted has quickly achieved cult status since it was launched in 2002 and is LivingTV's most successful programme.

Millions of viewers tune in regularly to watch Ex-Blue Peter girl Yvette and her team of ghost hunters spend the night in some of Britain's most haunted locations.

It has made Acorah - who claims to be guided by an Ethiopian spirit guide called Sam - into one of the country's best-known psychics.

Tonight the show will start its biggest ever live vigil, a four-night Halloween special from East London following the murderous trail of Jack the Ripper.

Yvette Fielding has said of the show - which is made by her husband Karl Beattie's production company Antix Productions:

"There is no acting in this programme, none whatsoever. Everything you see and you hear is real. It's not made up, it's not acted."

The Most Haunted crew from 2015.

Most Haunted although have faked there evidence, and some you have to agree is so obvious, Stevie Wonder would not have even missed it.

Still to this day, Yvette and Karl still deny faking any paranormal evidence.

It remains just as popular today in 2017 as it did way back in 2002 when they first aired on LivingTv.

And the fans dont seem to mind, they just want to be entertained for an hour, which Most Haunted do, the do not investigate haunted locations, they just create an entertaining television programme.

and yes they still fake evidence and try and convince you it is real.

This next video, by Darker Image Studios shows the faked evidence.

Here we see the 'Live' reaction of the viewer during the live show,  so you don't have to just take our word for it.

Most recent claim Most Haunted have made, was the capture of a real life ghost, actually caught on camera. WOW I hear you say,

I think Karl was off the day at camera school when they did special effects......

Chris Halton explains very well why this is fake, and I agree with him on this.

It is clearly an overlay of Camera man and close friend Stuart.

Yvette tried to back track and said it was ''Stone Tape'' of what they was doing,  So any way I went back to watching paint dry after picking myself up from the floor laughing so much at her explanation, oh deary me Yvette, I do think its time you stopped now.

And finally, a video compilation compiled by Youtuber "Chenzo 1969"  showing a majority of fake evidence produced by Most Haunted to create the entertainment show, which if made properly with out the fake evidence, people would love it any way, and at least it would be honest.

By Most Haunted faking evidence, teams like ourselves get tarred with the same brush as faking evidence so we get noticed.

Let me tell you now, Ghost Investigation Team do not fake or create paranormal evidence on our investigations, we use scientific equipment to capture evidence, we do not rely on mediums, knocks and bangs that can't be explained, we try and verify and debunk as much of the evidence as we can to show you the audience of our findings, and if we dont find any, then we can't show any, as we most certainly do not fake any evidence.

However, there's still the issue of the camera cables being black and the rope that was spotted on the webcams being white. In the explanation video, Karl asked Stuart to switch the camera to night mode and shows how the infrared light source causes the cable to appear white rather than black on screen.
Karl then pulls out another cable, a BNC cable, and shows it to the camera on night vision, it too appears white.

When Stuart switches back to day vision, it's revealed the cable is actually purple.

Karl says that on location they have black, purple, blue, orange and red cables, but a lot of them show up as white on infrared cameras.

GITUK says, Take a look at our videos in night visuon, and take a peek at what colour our BNC cables are under infra red lighting, not one of our cables turn white, they are black cables in infra red, and black cables in white light as well.

Most Haunted forget that there are groups like us, albeit not on television, but do what they do and (apart from fake the evidence), and we have more knowledge of filming than the normal viewer who has no experience of filming and paranormal investigating,  but the unknowing and unsuspecting public are easily duped into believing and taking what Most Haunted do as "Verbatim".

"Ready Karl"? - "Now Stuart"

This page identifies the tricks used to fool you, all in the name of entertainment.

These shows at the start of the programme state, ''This Programme is for Entertainment Purposes Only''.

This is a poorly worded get out clause, so that no come back on the content of the show you are about to watch is the view of the channel that airs the show.

All I want to say to you reading this, is that GIT.UK do not fake any evidence, and we would wish for teams like, T.A.Ps, Most Haunted to stop faking evidence, and the TV channel to cancel the show when they become aware of any skullduggery.

They are bringing the proffession of Paranormal Investigators into Dis-Repute, and tarring everyone with the same brush.

The GIT.UK team has investigated 30 East Drive, and found very little eidence of anything paranormal, let alone any poltergeist activity, which we have already covered in our chapter on poltergeists.

On one of the nights, Karl is supposedly dragged up the stairs, you can clearly see the wire/rope attached to Karl's waist, which he denies is the reason why he was pulled back with.

Watch the video of Karl being "Attacked".    ------------------------------------->

We showand explain evidence to the contrary.........

Also show the explanation made by Karl and why he is lying with his version of events as he claims it is industry standard to tie the camera cable through a belt loop, thats fine, but as the clip  shows, Karl wasn't even carrying a camera at the time of the incident???????

Karl said the video was aimed at the Most Haunted fans who had asked about the cable that was attached to him. According to Karl, throughout the show there was two miles of cable wrapped around the house and feeding pictures and sound to the broadcast truck parked outside.
In the video Karl holds a similar cable to the ones used on the show. Karl explains that one end of the cable is attached to the camera, the other end connects to another connection which leads to the truck.
Karl, who also takes on a role of camera man on the shows, demonstrates what they do with the cable to stop jolting the camera. Karl says it's standard practice to loop the cable with a little slack through your belt.
He says by attaching the cable to your body in this way, if someone steps on the cable you feel it. It also stops it from pulling on the camera.

Derek being possessed by Kreed Kafer during the show.



Even Yvette tried to TWEET away the rumours that Karl faked the evidence.

This should quash the rumour mill......NOT!

Let's take a look at the 'Most Haunted' TV show.

Which currently (2017) resides on UKTV's ''REALLY'' Channel.

Most haunted, please stop faking evidence.

Ciaran, who joined Most Haunted in April 2004 became suspicious of Acorah's antics on a shoot at Castle Leslie, Co Monagh in Ireland where a 17th Century four-poster bed has been claimed to levitate.

Ciaran recalls: "As we walked into the bedroom, Derek touched the bed and came out with extremely accurate information.

"He insisted he got all the information just from touching the bed. But it was the wrong bed."

Antix Productions claims the mediums have no idea where they will be filming or know any details about the history of the locations.

But Ciaran says: "Derek must have had prior knowledge of the locations."

He devised a plan to see if Derek was deliberately deceiving the public.

While on a shoot at Bodmin gaol he invented a long-dead South African jailer called Kreed Kafer - an anagram of Derek Faker.

"I wrote the name down and asked another member of the crew to mention it to Derek before filming.

"I honestly didn't think Derek would take the bait. But during the filming he actually got possessed by my fictional character!".

To stop the public sussing the anagram, they changed the spelling.


The spooky truth: Most Haunted exposed as a fake by star that claims Derek Acorah show features "showmanship and dramatics"

Parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe lifted the lid on the ghosthunting series.

This article first appeared in the Daily Mirror on 28th Oct 2005.

Pictures and video have been added by GIT.UK