Once your circle is cast, bring the chalice with the infusion and the mirror together. 

Clear your mind completely, and while bathing the mirror in the mugwort infusion, envision the mirror awakening to you and your own psychic abilities. 

Chant the following, 9 times, while you are consecrating the mirror: 

Lovely oracle of magic worth, 

Fair creature of psychic light, 

The truest answers, 

you shall bring forth, 

You shall be my eyes, 

my sight It is done. 

So mote it be.

or chant the following 9 times in Latin whilst consecrating your mirror:

Amabilia, oraculum tanti magicae, 

Fair creatura lumen psychicae, 

Vera responsa, 


Perfectus eris et absque oculis meis,

Facta mea. 

Sic fiat semper.

Once you have consecrated your mirror, there is no need to do it again, unless it is to cleanse after a malevolent encounter with spirit.

You could always sage or use incense to cleanse your mirror from time to time, and charge regularly in moonlight and store it with a moonstone crystal.

Hold this image and the atmosphere as vivid as possible and start your petition:

"HEKATE KOILÔMATA – Holder of Keys – Ruler of the Daimones, discarnate and Kabirai, Tenderhearted Goddess, HEKATE PROPULAIA;
I (your name) call upon thee from the centre of DESMOS KAI EKLUSIS (to take & to let go) for supervision and protection.

Be the judge of my aspirations and make my magic work, when it is justified.

Make my magic fail when not, as thy wisdom and judgement are greater than mine.

Show me the proper way and action, and when granting my request, please send me your omen".

Close your eyes and try to feel the presence of the goddess in the silence, stop imagining active and try to observe your “imagination space”.

The Seira, or link to the goddess has been attempted and her reaction will first enter via your emotions and intuition.

Does the atmosphere feel supportive and nurturing or hostile and threatening or is there nothing but a void?

In all cases thank the goddess for listening and close the ritual:

"HEKAE KRATAIIS, HEKATE TRIODIA I thank thee for paying attention and thy judgement.
I (your name) will now close the gate and wait for your omen".

Take the sigil from the triangle or wipe it out, wipe out the triangle and walk away without turning back.

Start out the ritual out of your head and focus your thought on daily issues or any.

3. The Omens
Hekate often reacts very fast when a wish is granted.

The most common omens showing your wish is granted are a sudden barking of dogs, seeing a woman (usually with dark hair, walking with dogs), the sudden appearance of a dog, crow, three crows or hare, polecat, a hare running away, a sudden encounter with a black horse, a crow shouting three times, a ghost or apparition, a group of people splitting up and wandering in different directions (wandering souls), a piece of paper with one of her sacred numbers on it, etc..

When one of these omens shows up, not long after the ritual took place, one is granted to proceed under her blessing, guidance and protection.

The follow up ritual for the specific magic involving another entity or technique, like chaos magic, may then be safely done.


Advice to overcome your doubt and make a magical trust fall easier. 

No man or woman is a master of its own entity.

We grow in our mother’s womb because of a divine creative intelligence, that also rules our heartbeat, breathing, our digestion of food etc..

Gods like Hecate represent sections of this higher intelligence, our co-entity.

Remember this with respect and intelligence without acting humble or expressing spiritual fetishism. 

The Hecate Sigillum

The Goddess Hecate

Scrying is from the Middle English word descry, which means 'to divine', and was most commonly done by crystal gazing.

When you gaze at a shiny or blank surface, it opens up the door to the subconscious mind that taps into extra-sensory perceptions, just like the fairground Gypsy gazing into her crystal ball, but only after crossing her hands with silver. Weird that they for tell your future/fortune, and we want to conjure the dead with it ???? 

The tool itself is just a tool and holds no inherent powers—just like a paintbrush has no inherent powers but in the hands of the right person, it can create a masterpiece.

Whether or not you believe in this method of conjuring the dead, read our articles on Paredoila and The Troxler Effect, before making your mind up, if this is an actual true form of paranormal investigating.

We are not going to tell you, make your own mind up, let us know your thoughts on Scrying and if it is real or fake, contact us.

A scrying mirror, also known as a 'black mirror', Wiccan's will state that this as a modern tool for divination, even though it is well documented that it was used by the ancient Aztec's as early as the 1500's and no doubt used earlier. It's one of the easier tools to make yourself.

The image of the seer peering into the crystal ball is the most well-known example of scrying, but you don't actually need a crystal ball. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a crystal at all.

All you need is something to gaze at—some people scry into bowls or pots of water, some scry into still water bodies like ponds.

Some people scry into flat crystals or objects of shiny, polished metal. Still, others prefer fire scrying, gazing into the dancing flames, and even steam.

A scrying mirror is one of the most accessible tools that you can make yourself, and for very little money. Its also no more or less difficult to learn to scry into a mirror than it is into a crystal or fire—the technique is the same.

In Conclusion:

The question you should be asking yourself when using scrying as a method of communicating with spirit is,

"Should I/we use scrying in our/your investigations"?

Well that depends what you are doing, where you are doing it and who you are doing it for/with.

We believe that scrying creates a personal experience to the operator and nothing else. 

You could even get your client involved by letting them to scry and tell you what there experience was like.

If it matches up with the evidence you are producing then all well and good and your client will feel they have contributed in to there investigation in a positive way.

Can you use the experience as a positive experience of paranormal evidence and include it with your findings, the answer is YES.

Can the evidence be relied upon to be credible? As it cannot be verified that answer is, NO. 

​The reason for the NO is for many reasons, it is a 1st hand account from the operator that could be attributed to naturally occurring phenomena like Paredoila, and or,​ The Troxler Effect, so this evidence could never be relied upon as definitive evidence of the paranormal in a scientific sense.

We can use scrying as a tool to conjure, or to invoke spirit into the atmosphere, and capture the spirit in the form of EVP or to manifest and document the scientific evidence, but not by scrying alone, in its own right.

The Hecate – Ritual

1) Hecate is invoked in magical operations involving divination, or trans-personal objectives, i.e. changes in the world soul or Yetzirah, as it is called in the Qabbalah, or in any case, the magician or witch has doubts about the karmic effects of the act.

2) Hecate is called upon as a magical supervisor and given the veto in making the operation successful or without effect and to protect the operator.

3) Thus the goddess is respectfully invoked before any more specified operating invoking or evoking a suitable entity for the realization of the actual target.

1. Symbola and Sunthêmata
A sunthêma is a token or symbol agreed upon for communication.

It does not have to be material, but can likewise be a pledge, vocalization.

Sunthêmata can be entirely in the imagination. 

Symbolon is derived from sumballein (to bring two things together).

The function of symbola are to connect, via material representations of the seira of the invoked entity, by earthing it’s psychosphere.

The seira elements of Hecate are described above (Sacred to Hecate are deserted crossroads, borders, city walls, the Moon – especially the New Moon or Deiphon – the night, dogs, the polecat, hare, horses, cows, daggers, wandering ghosts and souls, a chaplet, the numbers 3, 9, 13, 18, 27, 30, grotto’s, areas which symbolize the border of two worlds, crows, boars, ravens, serpents, dogs, the truth, the key, the red mullet and the torch.)

Seira means chain or chord.

It connects by its symbolism one realm or dimension with it’s astral or divine counterpart.

2. The Connecting
a. Decide whether your magical operation is aimed at gaining or increase or at a cutting off or decrease.

In the former case use the hours or first two days just after the Deiphon or New Moon. Just mind the Moon is direct and not Void of Course, and best use the nightly hour before dawn.

In the latter case, choose the day after the Full Moon, when the Sun has just set and the Moon rises above the horizon.

Also in this case, mind the Moon is direct and not Void of Course!

When possible perform the ritual on a date with the number 3, 9, 13, 18, 27 or 30. 3 And 30 are best for materialisation of a thing or process;

13 is for change, cutting off, starting new and can be used overall;

9, 18 an 27 are most suitable for theurgic purposes, aimed at the World Soul i.e. to influence the general time/space/consciousness continuum.

b. Look for a three way crossing in a sandy or gravel road in a deserted area, preferable a place somewhere in nature.

c. On the crossroad draw a large triangle with a dagger or elderberry stick or stone.

Place the sigil of Hekate in it, or simply draw the essential sigil (a Crescent Moon, pointed upwards, crossed by a lightning flash that starts in a circle and ends in a cross) in the earth.

Then sit down in front of the triangle without the protection of a circle and make a mudra with your right hand (in case of gaining / increase magic) or your left hand (in case of a cutoff, or decrease aimed magic).

The sigil and mudra form the sunthêmata, together with calling Hekate three times for help and guidance.

Use one or more of the most proper names of Hecate (see the 33 names at the end of this article) for the overall magical purpose; specified in the ritual succeeding the ritual of Hekate.​​

So, you either already have one of these, have bought one from Labyrinth Gifts or made your own, now you are ready to use it.

Here is a guide in how to use your Scrying Mirror.

Using Your Scrying Mirror.

Learning to become proficient with your scrying mirror will take far more time and practice.

If you've been meditating regularly and are skilled in other forms of divination, or if you seem to have a natural psychic twinkle, you may find success more quickly than you realise. It's really hard to tell who's going to have the knack for it, but don't get discouraged if it takes you time.

The first thing you might want to do is cleanse, consecrate and charge your scrying mirror.

Through this process, you essentially banish any negative or old energies that the object may have picked up over the years, bless it for spiritual use and infuse it with energies more conducive to its new use.

We at GITUK personally recommend allowing it to absorb the light of a full moon, and keeping it with a moonstone crystal.

Now, you're ready to use your mirror.

Prepare your altar or ritual space. If you wish you can do a full-blown ritual, casting a circle and invoking your deities, but this isn't actually necessary. If you prefer, skip the formalities and just clear a quiet place.

Stand your mirror up (that's why I like picture frames with a stand in the back). Put one candle on either side of it and light the candles. Dim the lights. Arrange the candles and mirror so they reflect light on the surface, but so that you can't see your own reflection.

Get into a meditative state. If you have a particular issue to which you're seeking answers, meditate on that for a while. If not, just be mindful and go into an altered state of consciousness.

When you're ready, gaze into the reflective surface. Soften your gaze, so that you're almost looking past the surface, peering deep into the mirror.

Just let your consciousness drift—don't try to think of anything in particular. Don't try to clear your mind. Just see what comes.

You may get actual visions, either in your mind or in the mirror. You might hear your spirit guides, get impressions or simply gut feelings. Don't analyze it at this point... just allow it to come and go.

Let the session last as long as you feel is necessary. It can be as little as 15 minutes or as long as several hours. Again—don't even think about time. It's irrelevant.

When you're done I recommend writing down your impressions immediately as they have a way of fading.

Once you've opened yourself to messages, don't be surprised if they continue to come through signs or in dreams for the next few days.

A scrying mirror can be one of the best tools for divination.

In order to cast this spell, you will need: A mirror or other object with a reflective surface – black obsidian is a popular choice, as are normal mirrors that have been painted black. Mugwort infusion To make the mugwort infusion, place some mugwort in a jar (make sure the jar has a tight lid). Fill it all the way to the top. Meanwhile, bring some water to the boil. Once the water has boiled, pour it into the jar until it covers the mugwort, and screw the lid on tightly. Mugwort is a powerful herb to consecrate your tools, and has long been used as an aid in divination. Let the mugwort infusion steep until it is lukewarm – the time needed will of course depend on the size of the jar. Once the infusion is ready, strain it and remove the herbs. Pour the infusion in a chalice.

Consecrating the Scrying Mirror.

Center and ground yourself, then cast your circle.

You may call upon a deity of divination, such as Brigid, Cerridwen, Hermes, Freya, Odin or Hecate, to name a few.

It is important that you feel an affinity with your deity of choice.

The Aztec Scrying Mirror of 16th Century Occultist, John Dee

We will use the Goddess Hecate in this example:

Hecate, Hecat, or Hekate (pronunciation: Hê kàh tai) is the most important goddess of magic. 

She rules the realization of astral forms into Earthly manifestation, and vice versa she bridges our aspirations to the astral realms and beyond. 

She is also the governess of liminal regions (particularly gates), twilight and the wilderness.

​Hecate rules all aspects of magic, including divination. In the Chaldean Oracles (2nd, 3rd century CE), she is associated with a strophalos – usually translated as a spinning top, or wheel, used in magic. “Labour thou around the Strophalos of Hekate.”

In todays astrology Hecate is associated with the Ascendant (the only link between the physical/material realm and the astral realms and beyond), the Vertex, Saturn, asteroid Hekate, New Moon, Full Moon, the Black Moons (Mean & Oscillating) and newcomers related to magic and the paranormal as Deucalion, Flammario, 2001 UR163 and most Plutino’s. January 31, May 7, and August 13 or 14 are Hecates holy days.

The 30th day after a death or important change is likewise sacred to Hecate.

How to make your own scrying mirror.

Black Obsidian is relatively expensive a mirror similar to John Dee's above is around £60 to £100 depending where you shop.

You can buy a black obsidian mirror from Tammy at Labyrinth Gifts in Blackpool, visit the shop, or buy online.

This Scrying Mirror is made out of a slice of Black Obsidian which has then been highly polished.

Size of the mirror is Approx. 12cm

The pictures on the website are of the Mirror you get, In the pictures the item is still in its Bag to protect it from dust and prints.

Item comes well packed; All items are checked before posting and best of all to you GITUK Fans there is Free delivery to the UK.

If you don't fancy buying one, you can custom make your own.

So here's a guide on how to make a Scrying Mirror.

Go to a second hand shop, charity shop or a home furnishings store like The Range and search for a picture frame that you like.

Most people prefer a round frame for scrying. 

Some are oval and I've known people to use a square with reported great results, to be honest, I don't think the shape of the reflective surface makes that much of a difference.

Purchase the frame you like. Come home with it, clean it and polish it up. Remove the glass or acrylic out of the frame.

Lay the glass on newspaper. Clean it thoroughly with a window cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Allow it to air dry. Make sure it's streak and smudge free.

Paint the surface of the glass with metallic or glossy black paint. I like acrylic because they dry so quickly. Do as many thin coats as you need, getting them as streak-free as possible. You want complete coverage. Just let each coat dry a little in between.

When it's completely dry, put it back into the frame, painted side on the inside.

Spray and wipe the front of the glass now to remove any smudges and streaks.

Some people have custom made there mirrors with a water pump that streams water over the surface of the mirror in its own bath at a 30 degree angle, it is said to aid the divination of spirit.

When you aren't using your scrying mirror store it in a safe place wrapped in a soft cloth to protect the surface.

Now make a garlic offering by placing it in the triangle and start the invocation by imagining the proper psycho-sphere for communication.

Your vivid imagination creates a medium for earthing the goddess as well as opening yourself up to the Hekate-channel so to speak.

You manage this by utilising the symbola of Hekate as thought forms which will constitute a sort of astral vessel or magnetic field to draw in the proper divine intelligence.

No fear or doubt or cynicism may be felt or expressed.

Take some distance from the triangle to make it easier to imagine a deep purple haze above it.

Imagine the sound of many fierce dogs in the distance coming closer, sounding louder and louder.

Call upon Hekate again three times and use proper names in the operation.

Imagine the goddess appearing in the triangle as a huge female figure, clothed in a black dress with pink crescent Moons embroidered on it, a crown in the shape of a Phrygian head or castle tower on her head, a torch in her right hand and a dagger in her left.

Three pink snakes crawl before her feet and two huge black dogs position themselves next to her.

She has bright dark eyes and a crescent silver Moon in front of her brow.

The original Black Obsidian mirror (left) as used by John Dee, the original is held at the British Museum.

This black spirit mirror and other magical objects are thought to have been owned by John Dee (1527–1608/9), the Elizabethan magician, astrologer and mathematician. The mirror was used as a ‘shew-stone’ – one of many polished and lustrous things used by Dee to carry out his occult research into the world of spirits.

Dee worked with the medium and convicted criminal, Edward Kelley, to summon visions of angels into the mirror’s reflective surface.

The two men held séances in England and on the Continent between 1583 and 1589.

The mirror, made of obsidian (volcanic glass), was brought from Mexico to Europe between 1527 and 1530 after Hernando Cortés’s conquest of the region.

Mirrors were used by Aztec priests to conjure visions and make prophesies.

They were connected with Tezcatlipoca, god of obsidian and sorcery, whose name can be translated from the Nahuatl language as 'Smoking Mirror’.