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We are all "Spirit" having a human experience.

So when our human form passes over, our spirit leaves our body and continues to live on, it is the same with animals too. Our bodies are basically a vessel that the spirit lives in, when the spirit moves on from our bodies, nobody is certain where the spirit goes too.

Spirits in visitation will try to get messages to us, these spirits may be loved ones from our past, or a loved one from someone else's past contacting the invesigator letting them know of their prescence and message they are portraying to you.

When investigating a property for a client, a spirit in visitation may contact the investigator with a message for them, or someone else, this may just be to let you know that they (the spirit) is Ok, to give help or guidance, or to comfort you in grief, or even just to check on you from time to time.

Spirits in visitation are often very eager to let you know that they are there and very much still with us.

Spirits will provide us with many signs of their presence, and will continue to try to get through in hope that they can be recognised.

Some signs of spirits trying to contact us:

DREAMS: most common way of spirit comunicating to you, while seeping your conscous mind has quietened and you have less resistance  through your own thoughts, you are relaxed and open.

NUMBERS:  Number patterns are also very commonly reported to us by spirit. You will the same numbers over and over again until you get the message, (these numbers are usually significant event dates or times), such as day of death, time of death, a birthday, anniversary and other important event dates.

OBJECTS: It is also common for spirits to use objects like feathers, coins, stones or other small objects that may  have some significance to either yourself or to the spirit. They will place things in your path to let you know that they are around.

If different things just show up randomly this is called "Apports" (gifts from spirit), where objects appear from knowhere. An explanation of 'Apporting' can be found here on the                       page.

MOVEMENT: Some spirits move objects to get your attention, like a photgraph frame on a mantel piece or shelf falling off or being pushed over or turned around, or the same thing being (taken from you by spirit) 'misplaced' or 'lost' whilst in your possession.

BUZZING: In your ear, have you ever had a high pitch noise in one or both your ears that has come on from knowhere? Spirits run at a much higher frequency than we do (hence the high pitched noise in your ears). You can ask spirit to turn this up, or down.

This sign can mean you are 'Downloading' information from spirit in to your sub-conscious, it can also be a sign from spirit telling you to listen or concentrate to what they are saying.

At your haunted location, spirits that are in visitation, will give you messages or EVP voices, or responses on an Ovilus device, each time you investigate your investigation on each visit will be different as these spirits are not grounded or residual. So do not feel you have failed at a location if your evidence does not corroborate with other peoples evidence from that location, or if you do not get any evidence at all.

Also, responses to your questions on an EVP or Ovilus session may not be intelligent responses to your questions, they may appear to be random words, but still document and record those responses, the spirit may be choosing to give you words or phrases that they want to convey and by reporting your findings, they may be beneficial to someone else, as the spirit you are asking questions doesn't want to answer them, but wants to give its own message or words, or you may be asking the wrong question to the spirit and it responds back in its own way to you.