So if you want or feel that you need to dismiss or confirm the presence of Low frequency Noise (LNR), you are going to need one of these

Noise meter and vibrations ASSISTANT to SI V3RT range analyser: a sound, an infrasound, the vibrometer three-coordinate (at the same time on three axis).

or if you have an oscillator and a microphone spare you could analyse the noise frequency in the rooms you are to investigate.

Some buildings or natural features can act as Helmholtz resonators and create infrasound at high levels.

That feeling of nausea you feel on some investigations explained.

The most widely accepted explanation for motion sickness is sensory conflict theory. A sensory conflict happens when our inner ears sense we are moving but our eyes do not agree, or vise versa. Much research has been carried out on motion sickness. An implicit assumption has apparently always been that motion is sensed only by detecting acceleration forces on the vestibular system (inner ear).

We have recently discovered an un-deniable relationship between motion and infrasound.

We at GITUK hope you enjoyed this eye opening article we have produced on Infra-Sound, its not something that is discussed in the paranormal world and like dark matter and dark energy, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean its not there.

We would relish the opportunity to research with Psychologists, Physicists, in a proper study of paranormal activities involving Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Infra-sound, and to be able to reach a final conclusion if there is life after death and spirits ghost's do or don't exist, or is it all manipulation of our altered mind states due to man made and natural causes like infra-sound, gravitational forces affecting our bodies and brains into experiencing something that is not really there as most academics would suggest, or do ghosts manipulate the forces of nature to exist alongside us, and as paranormal investigators we are the lucky ones that can communicate with the dead.

This is such a huge subject and I hope we have picked on a subject that is not just of interest to you, but this article also inspires you to do your own research and expand on our work, be it you are a curious scientist or a paranormal investigator who like us want to know more of what we do to enable one day to fully understand the complexities of the spirit world.

Happy Investigating. and let us know how you get on with your new found knowledge of infra-sound, and if you found this article useful.

Ghost's are just sound waves?

Well ghost's have to be something tangible, they can't exist as absolutely nothing, hence why, Dark Matter, Dark Energy and now Infrasound theories all come to the fore of our ITC and Paranormal Research at GITUK.

Experts call the infrasound in the 18.9 Hz range the “fear frequency” because such sounds may induce feelings of anxiety. Especially at higher intensities.

Scientific researchers of NASA have found that the resonant frequency of the human eye is around 18 Hz.

This could explain why sounds in this range might produce hallucinations. (Corner of the eye phenomena).

So, low-frequency sounds can cause people to have unusual experiences and make them see “things” that some refer to it as “ghosts”.

A 2008 experiment led by British psychologist Christopher French proved even more intriguing.

With colleagues from University of London College, he built a “haunted” room rigged up with infrasonic generators (as well as sources of electromagnetic pulses); 79 brave Londoners volunteered to spend some time inside.

“Most people reported at least some slightly odd sensation, such as a presence or feeling dizzy, and some reported terror, which we hadn’t expected,” French told Scientific American in 2008.

But he stopped short of claiming that low-frequency electromagnetic fields or infrasound were the direct cause of such feelings; suggestibility seems to also play a role.

First complaints received from a dozen families within a 3km radius of turbine
Much to everyone’s surprise, complaints were made by some residents.

The annoyance was described as an intermittent “thumping” sound accompanied by vibrations. ..

A “feeling” or “presence” was described, felt rather than heard, accompanied by sensations of uneasiness and personal disturbance. ..

The “sounds” were louder and more annoying inside the affected homes. .. Some rattling of loose objects occurred.

In one or two severe situations, structural vibrations were sufficient to cause loose dust to fall from high ceilings, which created an additional nuisance.

This in a reportedly haunted home could present you with a false positive when investigating, and you not realising that the supposedly paranormal activity is actually man made activity.

What is "Sick Building Syndrome."

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel unwell for no apparent reason. ... These symptoms appear to be linked to time spent in a building, though no specific illness or cause can be identified.

So the next time you have feelings of spirit affecting you, can it be de-bunked to natural causes, or if you cannot attribute it to natural causes, is it down to supernatural causes.

If you can't justify the expense of this ready may tool, you can build your own Infra-Sonic microphone, the link for all of the instructions are here Build your own infra-sonic microphone. 

Perhaps you could make this for others to use and sell for a reasonable fee.

All the software to download and analyse the infrasound data capture is detailed in the build instructions on the link provided.

Properties of an Electromagnetic Wave

  1. All electromagnetic waves are transverse.
  2. Electromagnetic waves need no medium to travel through.
  3. That means they can travel through space or a vacuum.
  4. A medium is an element that waves can travel through.  Sort of like waves through water.
  5. All other types of waves need a medium to travel through.
  6. Sound can travel through solid objects, air, or water, but not through space.

Standard hearing protection is of little use for subsonic sound as it often can pass straight through and may even be amplified.

There have been links reported between supposedly haunted locations and the presence of infrasound, which is the reason paranormal investigators may monitor infrasound levels whenever possible.

Infrasound can also be man-made. Some sources of man-made infrasound are nuclear and chemical explosions, engines, machinery and airplanes.

Infrasonic waves propagate with very little attenuation and hence are capable of propagating over great distances.

Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira of the Lusofona University in Portugal, has degrees in physics, biomedical engineering and a PhD in environmental science.

Her team has been researching vibroacoustic disease since 1980 – initially focused on the low frequency noise (LFN) that impacted aeronautical technicians.

Late in 2013, Dr Alves-Pereira presented a case study from Portugal where a family was found to be exposed to LFN caused by the operation of nearby wind turbines (2006-2013).

On-Off testing showed the increase in LFN inside the home was indeed associated with turbine operation.

Medical tests showed the people who were living inside the home had impaired brain function in relation to responding to stimuli as well as their control of breathing.

Hi, I'm glad you've made it down here. By reading down this far, you are probably wandering where this is actually going and what the hell has all this got to do with Paranormal Investigation?

By being able to understand what we can physically see and hear, we can then begin to start to understand what we cannot physically see or hear, and by understanding this we can debunk what's paranormal and what is not, and are now able to explain what it is you can see, hear or feel, be that paranormal or not.

And you thought ghost hunting wasn't going to be difficult? If you're a hobbyist ghost hunter then you won't need or want to understand why certain phenomena's can be easily debunked, and some that require more explanation to debunk something that isn't paranormal, once you've exhausted all natural possibilities can you then call the phenomena as unexplained and then its only possibly paranormal, unless you collect more evidence of paranormal on top of what you have just debunked.

Infrasound is rapid fluctuations in the local barometric pressure.
In homes near wind turbines, these barometric fluctuations occur anywhere from 0.5 – 5 times per second.

When you look closer at our human living bodies we are bundles of energy, we create our own electro-magnetic fields whilst we are alive.

So where does all that energy go when we die?

Does it just dissipate when our heart stops and once we are deemed as clinically brain dead where no detection of synapses are detected, we are now just a mass of soon to be rotting flesh and bone.

However, if you read our article on Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Quantum Physics, this also helps explain into what we may be in the spirit world.

In spirit form, are we a mix of Dark Energy, Dark Matter and Infrasound? All elements of what we cannot see, cannot feel and cannot hear as living humans, hence why as paranormal investigators we have to use specialist equipment to hear and see spirit? also is this the reason spirit drains our energy from us, or from our equipment to enable them to communicate to us, all of the science behind this subject would seem to suggest that this is quite possible.

So just as a bright light being shone in to your eyes would make you squint, or getting a headache due to overly white bright light in your home or office giving you a headache, take away the light and the uncomfortable feeling you are experiencing dissipates and you return back to normal, then reenter the building, and your symptoms come back, you can recognise what is causing your feeling of nausea/headache and do something about it, turn the lights off or change the bulbs for a lower wattage etc. You can see the cause due to the light being in the wavelength/spectrum of visible light.

Now take the parts of the spectrum that you cannot see or hear.

“Infra-sound, and the frequencies produced, might be a “physical mechanism” for thinning the veil between dimensions, opening a doorway to the spirit realm.”

Exposure to infra-sound has been demonstrated to effect recipients with symptoms often including fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety, nausea, chest pressure, hallucinations, and manifestations of beings of all sorts.

So the next time you are investigating and you start to feel some strange effects on your body, it is either 1 of 2 scenarios........

1) It's because of natural infra-sound effecting your mind/body.

2) It's because of supernatural infra-sound effecting your mind/body.

 It is suggested that levels above 80 decibels at frequencies between 0.5 to 10Hz may start to effect the vestibular of the inner ear thus impacting balance and causing disorientation.

Infra-sound can cause objects to move.

Is this a method used by spirit, enabling it to use it's energy to move objects; or have we debunked the reasons objects move and its not because the room/building is haunted?

What this phenomena does tell us, is that, we don't jump to conclusions because we want it to be paranormal when investigating, we have to be sceptical enough to think that it may be down to natural or man made reasons the object has moved. Like taking a photo and seeing a face in your blurry picture, don't automatically assume its paranormal, just because you want it to be, man made infra sound could be another version of Paredoila, and should be fully interrogated when analysing your evidence so you don't produce a false positive to your client.

Infra-sound is sound which extends below the range of human hearing (from 20 Hz down to 0.001 Hz), and it emanates from many natural and man made sources.

Infra-sound is characterised by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation. 20 HZ is generally the lowest frequency humans can detect via hearing.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire believes the odd sensations that people attribute to ghosts may be caused by, and attributed to, contact with infrasonic vibrations.

Richard Wiseman is comforted by the view that these phenomenon are purely psychological in nature.

Even to the extent of ignoring evidence, that they themselves have experienced and is documented here.....

In 1998, Vic Tandy and Dr Tony Lawrence staff at Coventry University wrote a paper called “Ghosts in the Machine” for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. They cited infra-sound as the cause of apparitions seen by staff at a so-called haunted laboratory in Warwick.

Several years earlier, Tandy was working late in the “haunted” Warwick laboratory when he saw a grey thing coming for him.

“I felt the hairs rise on the back of my neck,” he said. “It seemed to be between me and the door, so the only thing I could do was turn and face it.”

It reappeared in a different form the next day when Tandy was doing some work on his fencing foil.

“The handle was clamped in a vice on a workbench, yet the blade started vibrating like mad”.

He wondered why the blade vibrated in one part of room but not in another.

The explanation, he discovered, was that infrasound was coming from an extractor fan.

“When we finally switched it off, it was as if a huge weight was lifted,” he said.

“It makes me think that one of the applications of this on-going research could be a link between infrasound and sick-building syndrome.”

INFRA-SOUND – sound waves that vibrate just below the range of human hearing, it has been dubbed the “Fear Frequency.”

 We have discovered a previously unrecognised fundamental physical link between infrasound and motion which is that infrasound is always present with motion, it is a key ingredient.

It has been previously documented that exposure to infrasound without motion can cause the same motion sickness symptoms that happen with motion.

Hence the feeling of sickness or dizziness/disorientated, headache on investigations, and why leaving the room/atmosphere in the house instantly relieves the symptoms that are man made and not necessarily paranormal.

You should consider ruling this out when you are doing your baseline readings and including Low Noise Frequency readings as well as your normal baseline readings like air temperature, EMF readings

This sounds very much like a person reporting a haunting in there home? yet the causes of the haunting are being man made, not made by spirit.

The American Wind Energy Association state that a scientific panel they sponsored concluded that :

“Sub audible, low frequency sound and infrasound from wind turbines do not present a risk to human health.”

The erroneous assumption made by this committee was that effects of low frequency sound can only be mediated through hearing, so that if infrasound could not be heard then they could not possibly affect human physiology.

                                    Such an assumption is absurd and does not apply to other sensory systems of the body.

We know there are countless things we cannot TASTE that can harm us.

Tetrodotoxin (puffer fish poison), salmonella and cholera toxin are some examples of things we can’t taste that can sicken or kill us.

We know there are many things that we cannot SMELL that can harm us. The lethal dangers of breathing carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide are well established.

We know there are things that we cannot SEE that can harm us.

It is well established that ultraviolet light is invisible, yet it can make someone’s life miserable, with skin burns and eye damage if they are exposed to excessive amounts.

Ancient places of worship or ceremonial burial such as the Maeshowe mound in Orkney (below), have been shown to act in this way.

It is possible that any room with an open doorway or window can operate like a Helmholtz resonator, similar to blowing a column of air across an empty bottle.

Subsonic sound can travel long distances, pass through walls and may be amplified in tunnel like structures.

The Organ Of Balance And The Influence Of Sound On The Human Body.

The human ear can only hear between 20Hz and 20kHz, and it was proven that what you cannot hear as a human, because it is simply too high : ultrasonic sound, or too low to hear : subsonic sound is recorded on the record.

The subject of the frequencies that we can’t hear, but apparently do feel, even though our ears don’t let our brain hear it, it still gets translated through our body.

Our ‘hearing’ doesn’t stop where we can’t hear it anymore, it’s much more complicated then that.

Just because we don’t hear it anymore doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and doesn’t mean we are not still perceiving it in another way.

You may have heard the saying, 'In space, no one can hear you scream.' But have you ever wondered why?

To answer that question, we first need to ask ourselves:

What IS a sound wave?

A sound wave is a vibration in the air that occurs when particles hit each other.

If something makes a sound, then it must have moved in such a way that the air around it started to vibrate.

Those air molecules hit each other and the sound spread throughout the room. Some of those vibrations make it into your ear, causing your eardrum to vibrate, and that's how you hear the sound.

sound manipulation

When investigating cases of haunted homes, buildings where the reports are that you feel the presence of ghosts and or spirits, rather than see them, and are effected by these same spirits physically by feeling sick, head achy etc. could be attributed to man made low frequency noise rather than paranormal occurrence.

It is important to not just do your historical research on the house, building or land where said occurrences happen, but also research the area for possible manmade reasons such as wind turbines, nuclear reactors etc.

WTS has been investigated in the USA and Australia, but very little reports of WTS in the UK.

Sound frequencies and the light spectrum are similar in there nature, we can see and hear in between the low and high ends of the spectrum and sound frequencies.

wind turbine syndrome (wts)

When you are investigating your paranormal/haunted location it is important to recognise this type of phenomenon affecting you physically, how to deal with it and document what has happened correctly. Just because you are paranormal Investigating, doesn't qualify the effects you are experiencing as a paranormal experience.

It is important prior to doing the investigation that you conduct thorough baseline tests throughout the location, EMF, temperatures, Low level noise frequency, this will help you to debunk the evidence you are/have collected during the investigation for real time analysis, and for analysing your data and footage after the investigation.

We are hoping that some of you techy types could build a low frequency noise detector at an affordable price for all types of paranormal investigators to use from the Pro's to the Hobbyist.

At the moment we have to buy the expensive scientific oscilloscope style hardware to detect infra-sound, and its also cumbersome, and creates another storage box to cart around with us, so it is not always practical to take all our equipment to all of our investigations.

So we hope you have enjoyed this segment we have written,

We love to hear your feedback, don't be afraid to contact us on a good job, or if you feel we haven't done a good job, or this even has no or little relevance with paranormal investigating.

In either case you can contact us by email us at and let us know.

If you had your stereo blaring you would soon develop a headache or annoyance of the constant loud sound being emitted that you would turn it down or even turn it off to give your ear drums a rest and hey presto, that headache that came on suddenly disappears as well.

Now there are many sounds that are constantly playing but at frequencies we cannot physically hear, but none the less, they are still there. The sound waves are still emitted, and are causing you distress, may be by making you feel sick, head achey etc

The video explains how sound waves travel in this visual experiment of sound. Now imagine the sound being invisible the balls will still move about although you cannot hear anything.

Now imagine the styrofoam balls as molecules in your body, and you then realise how and why light waves and soundwaves cause symptoms of being or feeling unwell, whether if its in your haunted home or being affected at an investigation of the haunted home, you are being manipulated by invisible sound waves, whether caused by natural means or by the supernatural.