Another Facebook post from June 2018 explains fully, and why Erica Gregory is not condoned by the families of the victims.

Alan ,makes it quite clear that she does not represent any of the surviving family members.

She made it clear to us that she has one families blessing though ....

from her message to us Erica wrote...

​Quote"I work with the support of John Kilbrides family"End Quote..

​Alan Bennett would beg to differ with you there Gregory!

The Worseley Womble aka. Erica Gregory

Holding yet another find on the moor, with a tenuous link on her facebook pages to Brady and the moors murders!!!

As the wombling song goes..

Making bad use
of the things that she finds.
The things that the everyday
folks leave behind

Do you remember us being rebuffed by the delusional Worseley Womble earlier in this article......

Erica's reply
16/07/2018, 14:35
we have a professional team from the USA coming over soon .. all my work is contracted to the Federal agency so cannot share anything sorry.

LOL, It would seem the delusional one has sold out to the FBI, how does that work Gregory??? Jurisdiction and boundaries, I contacted GMP and they had no knowledge of this.

At least Alan has his finger on the pulse, and like us is out to show you up for what you are and for what you most certainly are not.

I think you all get the gist of what this woman is and does. 

We need not waste another column inch on her.

Alan if you ever read this, we are sorry you are suffering at the hands of this woman, and that we as a team have nothing to ask of you, We won't make you any false promises or provide false hope, what we will do is carry out our work diligently, professionally, and morally.

We use state of the art scientific  equipment, GPS positioning so we can get to where we exactly need to do and map plot the areas we have been to and searched. The only item not on our inventory is ground penetrating radar, and that is only down to cost of the equipment. We will hire GPR if we come across a site that we feel would benefit from a more comprehensive search with out the need to dig up the Moor and spoil the natural habitat.

We do not seek fame, we seek the truth and ultimately finding Keith so that he may be laid to rest and end Brady's evil legacy and hold on yours and the other victims families.

Four days after writing the above article, I chanced across this page on the internet, Hayley Stevens website, Hayley Is a Ghost.

Debunking Ghost Hunter Erica Gregory and her Ian Brady conspiracies,

PHEWWW, this has saved me a whole bunch of time writing each and every ridiculous tedious and tenuous link Gregory makes from the things that she finds, things that everyday folk leave behind to Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in relation to the Moors Murders. Enjoy.

The purpose of the cheats and charlatans section of this website is to inform. 

We have looked back in history at what methods were being employed to dupe the unsuspecting public and those suffering through the loss of a loved one, and the tactics they used to fascinate the fee paying clients.

Sadly this still goes on today, but,  fortunately, it is easier to debunk these people for what they are, whether they claim to be psychic mediums, or paranormal investigators exaggerating there evidence or making it up completely, and or being unethical in what they do and publish.


like we have written about the antics of Shawn Lee, the bumbling Sherlock from Australia now living in Worcester.

You have no doubt of all heard of the Wombles of Wimbledon, and what they get up to right. It would appear we he have a new breed of womble.

Now this website wasn't set up to slag off other paranormal groups.

BUT, we WILL expose the ones who bring the paranormal investigation world in to disrepute, by either fraudulent practices or being unethical, or those that give us all the bad name and the stigma that is associated with these bad groups that tarnish us all with the same brush.

It's probably time we had an organising body that credible teams sign up to and have to abide by a strict set of rules and ethics, and the paranormal teams could then display a badge on there websites similar to the kitemark or the gas safe logos, so the public can see that we work to a professional standard, this would also give the public an avenue to lodge a complaint about a member paranormal group. Who after an investigation could be struck off the register, and by no longer being able to display the logo, it would deter the unsuspecting public from using the service's of that group.

So what is the Worseley Womble?

This name was first penned by Alan Bennett, who first encountered this phenomena with his mother back in the early 2000's.

Alan Bennett is the surviving brother of moors murder victim Keith Bennett.

He would go out to the moor with his Mam, Winnie Johnson and search for his brother Keith who was buried somewhere on Saddleworth.

A woman called Erica Gregory became friendly with the family and offered to help search.

This relationship was to fall foul in later years, when Erica decided that her group "Worseley Paranormal Group", and herself should be the centre of all the attention, and she started going to newspapers like the Daily Star who would print her witterings, and now have penned her as the Expert of the Moors murders.

Erica initially had the blessing of the victims family but now this relationship has broken down, and the surviving family members of the Moors Murder victims wish to have nothing more to do with her, and have applied for injunctions to try to stop Gregory and her Group, but to no avail!

Now she is penned as the Worseley Womble, as anything she and her group finds out on the Moor is somehow and miraculously linked back to the 1960's and associated with Ian Brady or Myra Hindley.

Now Erica Gregory has every right to do and say what she wants within the law and freedom of speech, good old "Magna Cartna". The law is there to protect these basic rights.

However, when what you do upsets the people you are supposed to be helping, apparently it's harder to employ the law to stop those people from doing so, because the law protects them, as it applies to the very law that gives us freedom of speech in the first place.

But ethically and morally that person should stop, or at the very least change what they are doing/saying/publishing, if they are causing distress by there actions, deeds, or words. No doubt if a certain person reads this, they will be upset with me exposing them.

I have one word for you. KARMA, it's a bitch innit????????

Now when we decided in June of 2018 to help find Keith, we kept coming across the name of Erica Gregory, and naively, thought she was the go to person who had the backing of the families to be the Lead investigating Group with the search for Keith. So out of courteousness we thought we had better contact Erica Gregory as we felt it was good form to do so, and state our intentions of what we were proposing to do, as we didn't want to step on any toes.

We messaged via Facebook, and I have copied and pasted the exact wording, including spelling mistakes and useless auto corrections that my tablet uses and changes words with out telling you.

This message was sent by me, on behalf of GITUK with all good intentions.....

GITUK Message
16/07/2018, 12:09
Hi Erica my names Spencer, I run a paranormal investigation team, working on a seperate case to the moors murderers has lead our paths to cross, we are investigating an unsolved murder in west yorkshire, and think it is linked to Hindley, we came across your work looking for Keith, as we are doing the same as well we have a theory that Keith id near to where you are looking, but further to the south west of your location nearer to Dovestone resevoir, we feel keiths body could be here as Dovestone resevoir at the time of the murders was under construction, and the ground now lays underwater, and possibly keiths body, giving Brady the perfect murder he wanted so much, I would be interested with your views on this, as we were due to start our search then the wild fires started and put a stop to our plans, we are hoping to start soon when it is clear and safe to come. We would like to shareour findings with you and as we dont want to be stepping on any toes and searching ground possibly already looked at we would like to collaborate wth you, and obviously increase the search area. Keiths body is out there somewhere. we have a FB page Ghost investigation team, and a web site we are not hobbyist investigators, we are a serious team. any way. looking forward to hearing bak from you, Spencer.

Erica's reply
16/07/2018, 14:35
we have a professional team from the USA coming over soon .. all my work is contracted to the Federal agency so cannot share anything sorry .. we also have an area marked in at Dovestones for other victims and also one where police who worked the case back in the 60s and 80s have marked with dogs .. we work the area still and we hope that the professionals who have found many bodies with a new way to find DNA will do what the police cannot due to funding ..
if you are on my page The Secret Key to the Moors Murders you will see the work we have completed recently .. but there is deeper work not added on page ..

GITUK reply
Hi, I wasnt after a share, just that we are in the area and wanted to know where you have looked already so we werent wasting our time in a searched area, and by searching ourselves we could have let you know where we were and you could then know another area is being done, but no worries, we will do what we do, and post anything we find on our website in relation to our investgation of our other site in West Yorkshire. Thanks for the reply.

Erica's reply
we have been all over the area .. south west is where we found many things sent to the police .. and we are working in the area where the farmer has given us permission to be on .. searching areas has to be given permission by the landowners and please do not put anything on your pages about Keith as his brother will have a go at you .. he hates paranormal groups and anyone who mentions Keith in their posts .. I work with the support of John Kilbrides family
there is not just keith missing .. many are if your on the page you will see just who we are looking for thanks
I am a Paranormal and ITC researcher , I am also working on the Moors Murders and have much to show.. our book The Secret key to The Moors Murders is available online and paperback
The Secret Key To The Moors Murders??
1,003 members

Thanks, I have read with interest your post on the other missing persons. We have a link with Hindley and as an of shoot of our yorks investigation, we thought we could take a look at possible sites where we belived Brady disosed of Keith, and Dovestone seems such an obvious place as it was under construction back then, and with Bradys interest in irish navvies etc all seems to tie in, but we have no hard evidence of this, just using powers of deduction and logical reasoning, and burying bodies in a construction site never to be found again is nothing new, just recentlt bodies are appearing from underneath the M1 when that was first laid as they install the new smart motorways, drain Dovestone and im sure there will be finds of bodies.

Erica's Reply
Brady also was using Ritual witchcraft and that's reason for the area we are in .symbolic to dates he was involved with many others .. I've many in touch with me knew Brady and Hindley and much police who worked the case has been sent to me , I decode his letters and he knew this also . I' send all to cold case .. Its been hard work uncovering his philosophy of the murder's both on and off the moor.. We have albums of finds , and 5 years of research on page .. Letters from Brady ... If your on you can read these and other unsolved murders we have linked
17/07/2018, 08:33
EVP home .. had names associated with my work on the \moors Case for many years now.. last week Myra Hindley name came in and now this Brady Heard that … cap...

Chat conversation end
Type a message...

I was rebuffed, they don't want or need our help. I'm glad we didn't take her advice and we carried on anyway. Our search and investigation for Keith.

It wasn't until yesterday, 3rd January 2019 that we came across Alan Bennett's Facebook page, and that all became clear with this woman or Alan calls her, the "Worseley Womble" he see's her for exactly what she is, and now, because of her's and her groups actions, and the other groups and mediums in the past with there offers of help, only to let down the families by running to the newspapers that they are the ones who are going to find Keith, the newspapers weren't going to them, these charlatans were themselves contacting the newspapers, instead of searching for Keith, they were more interested in searching for fame and fortune. Now any other group, paranormal or normal will and are treated as suspicious and not credible and would be dismissed as such by the families, Gregory in one of message replies warned us that if we were to post anything then Alan Bennett would not be happy, as Erica wrote in her message....

QUOTE"please do not put anything on your pages about Keith as his brother will have a go at you .. he hates paranormal groups and anyone who mentions Keith in their posts"END QUOTE.

She even tried to warn us off the land by stating that we would need that landowners permission to search???? We are not treasure hunting Erica, that law doesn't apply to us. I studied criminal Law and know about these things, we are doing nothing on the land that is criminal, we are not even trespassing as the moor has the right to be walked upon by all and everyone, and we all stick to and abide by the country code.

We think/know that Erica is warning us off, she doesn't want anyone else on her Moor.

We do what we do as professionals, so we didn't heed her advice of not adding to our website about our investigations or where we can and can't go. 

From what we know now but not then, is that....

1) Erica didn't want us posting anything in case it took any of the limelight away from her.

2) If we happened to find Keith before her, she probably had a panic, and stop us.

3) Erica is all about Erica, Finding Keith is the last thing she wants, as she wont have anything to dine out on if/when Keith is eventually found.

4) She is a bit obsessive with Brady, as anything and everything has some link with Brady on that moor.

We think Erica that it's time you hang up your wellies.

You are now doing more harm than good.

One of Erica's replies to us implied that , QUOTE"we have a professional team from the USA coming over soon .. all my work is contracted to the Federal agency so cannot share anything sorry"END QUOTE. 

We then found this post yesterday from Alan which was coincidentally at the same time we contacted Erica. We have screen shot the post Alan made, we didn't ask Alan permission to do this, but facebook is public as is his posts, so no intention of causing embarrassment or disrespect is intended or implied to Alan. We are just exposing Erica for what she is, a charlatan.

We understood now why Erica didn't want another team on her moor, nobody must steal her thunder!!!!!!